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How To Become a Minimalist With Children: Helpful Tips for Teaching Your Children

Becoming a minimalist with children can be challenging. However, it does not have to be complicated! There are ways to teach your children the values of minimalism and live with less without them thinking it’s a big deal. Below are some techniques to become a minimalist with children in your home.

Lead by Example

It’s challenging to teach your children about minimalism if you are living a cluttered and chaotic lifestyle. You cannot expect them to be different from what they see at home, especially when it comes down to food choices and the cleanliness of their environment. But, if you want them to have healthy mindsets around material possessions, you need to show them you live a minimalist lifestyle.

First, set up your home as an example for minimalism; this includes buying less stuff and donating the excess. If they see that no toys are lying around or books in piles on every surface, then chances are they will grow accustomed to the minimalistic lifestyle. 

Second, stop buying them stuff as gifts; they will only keep accumulating more things. Instead, gift experiences to your children with the idea of giving back and donating.

Third, teach them simple self-care that doesn’t involve buying many items but instead seeking outside services. For example, having their dental checkups and maintenance at Westside Dental GR could help alleviate the need for buying unnecessary oral care products like unprescribed teeth whitening products.

Finally, and most importantly, teach them that material possessions should not be the things they are constantly grasping on to for happiness. Instead, focus on teaching your children how their relationships with others can provide a sense of security in life outside of what they own – this includes empathy towards animals and nature. 

It’s a Journey, Have Patience

Don’t worry if you don’t get everything right the first time and make mistakes along the way. Instead, be patient with yourself and your family when there are difficult moments in this transition.

Be persistent about staying on that path of minimalism to help create an even better life for everyone involved- one filled with less stress, less worry, and more joy.

More Experiences and Less Stuff

The key is to teach children that they don’t need a lot of stuff. This may not be an easy change for you, but it does get easier as the kids grow up and learn what matters most in life. So how do you instill this idea? It’s really about teaching your kids the benefits of experiences over possessions.

This means teaching them how to spend money, where income comes from, and why there are consequences for spending too much on things you don’t need. 

Involve the Children in the Decluttering Process

It is a great idea to involve and educate your children of all ages in the decluttering process because it teaches them to be minimalist and cherish what they have. When you take precious time out of your day for family, teach them that living simply means appreciating everything around them. 


Hopefully, you’ll find these strategies helpful in your quest for a minimalist lifestyle with children! Remember that one size doesn’t fit all, and there’s no single right answer regarding parenting. It is essential to do what feels right for your family while still enjoying life.

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