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How to Become More Confident in Your Cooking Skills

Have you ever seen confident cooks? These could be chefs or even someone like your grandma. They have a way of making everything taste amazing, but at the same time, when they cook, everything looks so easy, right? Well, that’s all thanks to confidence. Cooking is a skill that can be intimidating or overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the kitchen. 

At one point in time, everyone needs to learn to cook in some form or another. You need to learn your way around the kitchen, and having confidence is just going to make everything become so much easier. So, here is everything you need to know about gaining confidence in the kitchen!

Photo Credit: Natasha Hall

Start with simple recipes

If you want to become more confident in your cooking skills, start by choosing recipes that are simple. This will help you build your confidence while learning new skills and techniques. Choose recipes that are wholesome, easy to make, and don’t require a lot of prep work. This will help you get meals on the table faster and more often, too. You’re going to want to try this Italian wedding soup recipe, as it’s easy and delicious!

Once you’ve got a few stand-by recipes under your belt, try to branch out from there and learn some more complicated dishes. For example, if you want to become more skilled in stir-frying, focus on that first before moving on to other cooking methods like oven-roasting. Also, remember to read the recipe thoroughly before you begin making it. This will help you avoid making mistakes and keep you from getting frustrated. It can be discouraging to get halfway through a recipe only to realize you’re missing an important ingredient or tool! This can be a real setback in the learning process, so take care to double-check your ingredients and tools.

Overall, when it comes to gaining confidence with cooking, just like every other skill (or talent) it’s going to be all about starting off simple and slowly working your way up. Even some of the best Michelin star chefs in the world started out as a novice. So make sure to give yourself a chance to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Embrace the mistakes

Just like with anything else, you can count on mistakes happening from time to time. Mistakes are just fine, in fact, you should embrace mistakes when cooking! While yes, sometimes mistakes may mean that the food won’t come out the way it should, other times it may mean that something better may happen instead. Happy accidents are a thing, even when it comes to food. So why not fully embrace mistakes that come your way? Besides, this opens up for the whole family to have fun while cooking too, and what’s not to love there?

Practice makes perfect

Chances are you’ve heard “practice makes perfect,” and honestly, there is so much truth to this! One of the best ways to become more confident in your cooking skills is to practice often. This will help you to learn new techniques and improve your overall cooking skill level. You can only get better the more you do something. It doesn’t even need to be the same recipe either; just keep experimenting with different recipes. Whether you find these on blogs, YouTube videos, or old-fashion cookbooks is entirely up to you. But the end goal is to just embrace this!

Don’t be afraid to try new things

One thing you should always keep in mind is that cooking is a gift to the taste buds. Dining out and traveling the world is expensive, so what better way than to bring these exotic and unique flavors into your home? Have something special you enjoyed during childhood, then why not make that? Never be afraid of trying something new when cooking. The more you go out of your comfort zone, the better you can expect all of this to be!

It’s also important to remember that you won’t be able to learn and grow without getting out of your comfort zone, so make an effort to do this on a regular basis. You’ll build your confidence as you take on new challenges and overcome mistakes. The best way to do this is by having fun and keeping a positive attitude throughout the cooking process. You will be surprised at how quickly you will become more comfortable and confident in your kitchen!

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