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How to Budget for Your Next Family Vacation

Now that family vacations are happening again, you may be planning the next time you and your family can hit the road or head abroad. You might also be wondering how you’re going to afford it all. Family vacations are expensive. Luckily, there are some things you can do to budget for your next trip and ensure you and your family have plenty of fun without breaking the bank.

Book in advance

Hotspots for family getaways are expensive during the school holidays. You’re unlikely to find last minute deals at these peak times of the year, so it’s essential that you book in advance. Some resorts, hotels, and travel providers even offer discounts when booking months in advance. Booking in advance means you won’t fork out hundreds when you don’t need to so that money can go on other parts of the vacation or for savings so you can efficiently invest in your children.

Sign up for price alerts

Plane tickets for a family of four are never cheap, but you can find them at their cheapest by setting up price alerts. Websites like Skyscanner can send you daily alerts whenever the prices drop for your chosen flights. Some flexibility around when you leave and return will also ensure you find the cheapest airfare out there.

Go off the beaten track

Sure, every kid might dream of a holiday to Disneyland, but if you’re on a budget you should consider going for alternative destinations. Consider sticking to domestic locations like camping in national beauty areas or taking holidays to national theme parks. If you and your family are craving a vacation overseas, consider overseas camping or country lodge resorts.

Rent an apartment

One of the biggest expenses on a family vacation is the meals out. This adds up quickly if you have to eat in a restaurant for lunch and dinner every day. You can save a lot of money by opting for an apartment rental rather than a hotel on your next vacation. That way, you can cook meals at home and prep lunches for days out at a much lower cost.

Find free activities

From walking tours to museums, there are plenty of activities you and your family can enjoy without spending a penny. Spend some time researching free activities at your destination so that you don’t need to fork out admission costs or expensive fees for every family outing.

Plan, plan, plan

When budgeting for a family vacation, there’s no such thing as overplanning. Estimate all your expenses at the outset, from accommodation and flights to admission tickets and meals, to ensure you aren’t caught out with surprise costs. Once you have an idea of how much you’ll need, make sure you have a buffer on top of this.

Stock up on supplies

You can also prepare for your vacation by ensuring you have all the supplies you need. Bottles of water, sunblock, toiletries – these essentials are often more expensive in airports or at resorts. Bring the essentials with you, including items that will save money in the long run like refillable water bottles. That way you won’t be surprised by any extra costs while you enjoy your break!

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