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How to Change Your Habits for Better Health

We are all creatures of habit and changing our habits can be tricky. Generally, the more we do something, the more inclined we are to repeat that action, especially if we get some type of reward through it, be it comfort, excitement, or any other motivating emotion. In order to change your habits and implement healthy ones, it’s important to take stock of your current habits and what is driving them.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to identify bad habits, and set up good ones so that we can live the best life possible and promote long-term health. 

Eliminating Bad Habits

One of the toughest parts about trying to break a bad habit is that when you’re looking at the whole process it can seem like a mountain of a problem that’s too difficult to overcome. That’s why it helps to start small and set a series of small goals you know are manageable. This will help you build confidence in the process and make your next step seem more achievable, which is especially important when getting started.

Some experts look at habit-changing methods in four stages. The first step is contemplation, the second is preparation, the third step is action, and the fourth is maintenance.


The first stage of changing a habit is usually about the thoughts and feelings surrounding your current habits and how you want to change them. The frustrating thing about bad habits is that once we’ve identified them, and even think we want to break them, we often continue with our habits before making a change. 

The feelings that surround a bad habit can impact other aspects of your life like your relationships and overall health, which is why it’s so important to use this first stage to really consider why you want to make a change. This will be part of the driving force behind your process.


Preparing to take action usually means you’ve made up your mind and are ready to improve your health. This might also involve some outreach to friends or family who can help support you and motivate you in your efforts and recovery

This usually depends on the person, but it can be motivating to tell someone your intentions because it motivates you to accomplish your goal knowing someone else is expecting it in some way as well. You can also consider downloading a simple app to keep you on track.


In the third stage of habit-changing, you’re actively taking steps to change your habits. These actions will ultimately depend on the steps you laid out in the first couple of stages of the process. 

If your plan is to eat healthier and have more energy, then it might be getting rid of tempting junk food in your house; or, if you’re trying to stop smoking, it might be something more like making an appointment with your doctor. 

Sometimes stress can be a major contributor to bad habit cycles and your health specialist may recommend a natural remedy. Some are prescribing medical marijuana Massachusetts while others in California are leaning on popular CBD products to deal with common stress and anxiety problems. In many cases, seeking the help of a specialist can make it easier to understand all of the options available to you that can help you succeed in changing habits.


Maintenance involves creating a new habit and avoiding triggers that might lead you toward your old bad habits. Exercise is one of the most effective forms of maintenance when it comes to your health because it motivates you to eat better, improves your mental health and resilience, and promotes longevity. 

Keeping a calendar to track your progress can also be a big help when trying to stay on the right path. Other forms of maintenance might involve speaking with family and friends who can help you stay on track and continue improvements. You might also seek out local professionals who can help you in your journey, such as a therapist in Florida if you happen to live in the area. 

Although changing a bad habit for a healthier life can be difficult, having a plan with realistic steps and making it a practice is a great foundation to begin with.

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