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How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Perfect New Addition

When you introduce your new bundle of joy to the world, the first thing that people will ask you is ‘what’s their name?’

Some people have dream baby names that they have had on reserve since their own childhood, while others hadn’t even thought about it until learning they are going to be responsible for bringing up a child into the world. 

Choosing a name for a child is important, as, unless they choose to legally change their name at a later date, this is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and beyond when they are remembered for who they are in future generations.

Far from using a baby name generator to choose the name of your child, this is something that should require careful thought and consideration.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect name for your perfect bundle of joy that will grow with them. 

How does the name sound with your last name? 

Try to avoid using a name that sounds too similar to your last name. ‘James Jameson’ and ‘Carrie Barry’ could be the cause of much teasing later in life for your child. Choose a name that flows well with the last name- not something that makes it difficult to say. 

Can the name be shortened, and do you like it?

So many names can be shortened, no matter how hard to choose a name that you think can’t be. If you love the name ‘Bethany’ and don’t mind ‘Beth’ then you’re onto a winner. Can’t stand the thought of ‘Robert’ being shortened to ‘Bob’ or ‘Robbie’ then maybe reconsider your options there. 

Can your child be named after anybody else?

Many expectant parents choose to name their child after somebody they love or have loved in the past because they want a reminder of that special person in their lives. Old fashioned names are increasing in popularity for this reason, with names like ‘Violet’, ‘Stanley’, ‘Edith’ and ‘Arthur’ being names of favorite grandparents who want to be remembered for future generations.

Some families have longstanding traditions of naming their eldest child after an ancestor. If that’s not for you, try using the name as a middle name so that the tradition continues throughout the generations. 

Is the name easy to spell? 

While it may seem fun to come up with unique and creative ways to spell your child’s name, it doesn’t always work out for the best for them in the long run.

Many names are spent phonetically making them easy to spell and pronounce when reading them. 

Does this name suit your child?

It’s easy to have an ideal name in your head for your baby until you meet them and realize that this name does not suit them at all. You can wait a good few days before registering your baby, so why not wait a while longer to see if they suit the name you love once they start to lose their newborn features. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the name for your child for your growing family. 

What names are on your list? 

Photo by Daisy Laparra from Pexels

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