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How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for You

Deciding to welcome a new pup into your home is a big decision, and an exciting time. However, choosing to get a dog is only the beginning of the journey, as you then have to make sure you get the right breed for you. This might be overwhelming when you have such a great number of cute and cuddly breeds to choose from, and you might not know where to start. 

It is easy to begin narrowing it down by considering your lifestyle and what you want from a pet overall, so that you can then begin to match the right breeds to your expectations. Here are some of the ways you can make sure you choose the right dog breed for you, so that you can both have a happy and healthy life together. 

Decide on Size

Some people like the idea of a huge and cuddly dog breed, while others might prefer one they can easily pick up and carry around. Thinking about size is a lot more than personal preference, however. With larger dogs, ensuring that you can handle them on a lead and training them not to pull is essential for control and for avoiding strain or injury. 

It is also important to think about the amount of food which larger breeds may require every day, which should be factored into your dog budget long-term.

Think About Their Coat 

Coats come in all different lengths, shapes, sizes and colors, and it is not just about the way it looks. Some dogs shed a lot of hair, while others do not shed at all, so this might be a consideration you want to make in terms of your home and how much hair clean-up you would like to do. In terms of color, it also may be that you want a lighter-colored dog if you do not want a neutral themed home to be inundated with black or dark pet hair. With dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, you have a few coat colors to choose from, as you can see detailed here in this labrador retriever coat color guide from Snowy Pines White Labs. 

Think About How Active You Are (or Want to Be)

If you are an extremely active person, you will naturally want a dog breed which fits into that. Likewise, if one of the reasons you are looking to get a dog is to become more active, then you may want a breed which needs lots of exercise. 

Alternatively, if you have mobility issues or if you would struggle going on a few long walks a day, you might want to research breeds which are happy with shorter walks or less intensive exercise.

Consider How Much Room You Have at Home

Some dog breeds and sizes may be more suited to your home setup than others. If you live in a small home or compact flat, it might be better to look into smaller dog breeds to ensure they still have ample space to move around. 

You can also research tips on how to keep your home pet friendly

These are great points to start from so that you can begin to research into the breeds perfectly suited for your lifestyle and routine.

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