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How to Combat Dark Circles Beneath the Eyes

The appearance of our eyes can speak volumes about our character. This is the reason why the expression “the eyes are the window to the soul” is still valid even within today’s frenetic world. Unfortunately, some of us seem to be plagued by dark circles immediately below the eyes and this can be quite embarrassing. These circles will make us appear tired and they might even cause us to look older. Let’s first examine exactly what causes these circles and why they seem to be more pronounced on certain individuals. We can then peruse your options.

What Causes Dark Circles to Form Beneath the Eyes?

Most scientists agree that a lack of sleep and genetics are the two most common reasons why dark circles beneath the eyes can form. Having said this, certain conditions such as anemia are associated with these types of circles. Another factor is that the skin found below the eyes of some individuals is quite thin. This exposes the underlying blood vessels to a greater extent. If the eyes then become puffy due to improper sleeping habits, the vessels themselves will appear darker for extended periods of time. Of course, other issues such as the type of lighting within a room and whether or not makeup is present will likewise affect the appearance of these circles. So, what options do you have?

What Solutions are Available?

It should already be obvious that obtaining plenty of sleep and embracing a healthy diet are two of the best ways to prevent these circles. However, there are also certain skin care products that can make a massive difference. Experts advise using creams that are rich in vitamin C, as this nutrient can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and it is also a potent antioxidant. Other creams may thereafter be used to mask the contrast of these circles (such as makeup that mimic the tone of your natural skin). However, be sure to choose a formulation that does not cause any type of irritation. This might otherwise cause your eyes and the surrounding areas to become inflamed.

There are likewise several formulations that have been specifically designed to treat this condition. For instance, the best eye cream for dark circles will often contain ingredients such as vitamin K, hyaluronic acid and an anti-puffiness component. When used in synergy, the results will become noticeable within a very short period of time.

There are also some traditional remedies to consider. One interesting method is to soak two tea bags in cold water. Place these bags over the eyes for between 15 and 20 minutes. The coldness can help to reduce any puffiness and as a result, the dark circles are often muted to an extent.

We can now see that there are plenty of ways to treat dark circles beneath your eyes if they have become a visual problem. Be sure to consult with a doctor to discover even more options that could be at your disposal.


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