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How to Dress for Valentine’s Day Dinner and Romance

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You or your partner have made the dinner reservation, bought the chocolates, and picked up the flowers.  Valentine’s Day 2020 here we come! But there’s one thing you and your loved one haven’t thought of yet: what to wear.

Everyone’s style and preferences are different – so we won’t pretend to dictate what you or your significant other should wear for your Valentine’s Day dinner date, gift exchange, and romance to follow. However, knowing some basics for how to dress might come in handy if you’re currently at a loss for what you’re be wearing.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some popular go-tos for dressing up for Valentine’s:

A touch of red or hint of pink

While deciding on a dress straight out of Jessica Rabbit’s wardrobe might be a bit much, opting for an outfit with a touch of red or hint of pink is an ideal option for Valentine’s Day. It’s a simple way to incorporate the holiday’s color scheme without going over the top. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a seductive ensemble oozing with the hue of passion, but a little red or pink goes a long way.

A fit that feels right

Your partner doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable for the sake of sexiness – at least they shouldn’t. Skip the skin-tight clothes and opt for comfort. One of the many flowy plus sized casual dresses or lightweight skirts in your closet is more than enough to dress well for Valentine’s Day without enduring self-inflicted torture for several hours. The same goes for your choice of footwear; stilettos are the standard for seductive shoes but if they’re agony to walk in, opt for ballet flats or stylish sandals.

Make it special

If you’re wearing a familiar go-to from your closest, something your partner has seen you in more than once before – consider adding a touch of distinction. Fine jewelry or designer brooches can turn a standard dress into something special. Flowers in your hair or pinned to your top can also be an effective way to make the dress you wore last year look like a different article of clothing.

Keep it real

Again, we aren’t telling readers what they should do, but it’s probably a good idea to avoid wearing a style of dress you’d ordinarily never be seen wearing. Your partner loves you, not some alter-ego you decide to become for one day out of the year. Wearing something that fits your existing sense of style is more than enough to remind your partner why they’re in love with you.

Keep it simple

When the passion goes full throttle at the end of the night, you don’t want to find yourself spending several minutes getting out of your outfit. Couples on Valentine’s Day want to seamless transition to the bedroom as fast as possible. With this in mind, skip anything that involves lots of laces, buttons, straps, or clasps. Your partner will be very grateful.

Your Valentine’s Day plans are laid out, now it’s time to select something nice to wear for the occasion. Be mindful of anything that doesn’t seem to be genuine or otherwise goes against your ordinary style and tastes. Be yourself and watch the love of your life respond in a positive way. After all, they love you for who you are and no one else.

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