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How to Drive Safely and Defensively Under Harsh Weather Conditions

Driving safely in harsh weather conditions is very important. If you do not exert caution and drive both safely and defensively, you risk potentially harming yourself and anyone in the car, as well as anyone sharing the road with you. Knowing how to drive under severe and harsh weather conditions is not always easy, we grant you, but it is still something that you need to learn to do. You can never predict when you will be thrust into a dangerous situation, and thus, you must learn to drive defensively to pre-empt dangerous weather.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can drive safely and defensively under harsh weather conditions. Follow this guide, and you will find that you drive safer, are more aware, and know what to do in a dangerous situation.

Here is how to drive safely and defensively under harsh weather conditions.

Lawyer on Retainer

While not necessarily a way to protect yourself in harsh weather, this is definitely a great way to protect yourself afterward. Harsh weather can lead to car accidents, and if a car has collided with you, you may feel that a lawsuit is in order. Freak weather can occur anywhere, from Kansas to Honolulu, and if you are not prepared with a lawyer on retainer, you will have to drop big bucks to have yourself represented by a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Honolulu or Kansas (or wherever you are!) The retainer scheme is when you pay a lawyer monthly, almost like a subscription, to represent you when you really need them. Give it some thought.

Wear a Seatbelt

When you are driving anywhere, you must wear a seatbelt. Drivers not wearing seatbelts accounts for most fatalities in car accidents the world over. Seatbelts exist for a reason; they are there to fasten you to the car in case of a car accident – without them, you can go straight through the window, or alternatively, you can hit your head and suffer serious damage. Wearing a seatbelt is very important and you mustn’t ever set out in your car, harsh weather or not, without one. Wear a seatbelt every single time you are on the road.

Plenty of Room

When you are driving in harsh weather conditions, you must give yourself plenty of room to stop. Ordinarily, you will find drivers tailgating you, or you yourself might tailgate people. In harsh and dangerous conditions, you do not want to do this under any circumstances. You must give yourself, and others, enough room to stop in case they need to. If you do not do this, you may crash into a car, or a car may crash into you. Give yourself enough room to stop and do not endanger other people.

Test Out Your Breaks

Before you set out on the road in harsh weather conditions, or anywhere really, test your breaks. If you are thrust into a dangerous situation and find that your brakes are not working, you could be in real danger. Test out your breaks every single time that you are out on the road so you can ensure that you are able to stop if needs must. Cars with faulty brakes can be incredibly dangerous, both for you and for other people on the road. Make sure your brakes work perfectly whenever you set out on the road.

Be Aware

When you are driving you need to be aware. If you are in the midst of harsh weather, even more so. Cultivating an awareness of what is happening around you is fundamentally important for your safety and for the safety of others. If you are not aware, how will you know who is approaching you, the distance between you and other cars, and how dangerous a situation is? Be aware, pay attention, and make sure you look around and ascertain any potential hazards or threats that could come your way.

Take Your Time

In hazardous weather conditions, you need to take your time. Oftentimes, people drive like maniacs when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Unless you are trying to outrun a hurricane or tornado, then take your time. You must slow down, be calm, and drive methodically. Slowing down and taking your time might be the best way for you to save your own life, and potentially the lives of others sharing the road with you. Slow down and take your time.

Driving in dangerous conditions can be incredibly scary, and when you are in a dangerous situation, it is easy to forget how to behave. We hope that you will remember some of the points in this article next time you are confronted with harsh weather. Thanks for joining us.

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