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How To Enjoy A Screen-Free Family Evening

Screens consume so much of our lives nowadays. From watching TV to staring at our phones, many of us are constantly glued to a screen. Studies show that too much screen time can cause sleep problems, weight gain, depression and anxiety. On top of this, screens can be a distraction that can cause us to spend less quality family time together in the evening. 

By doing away with screens for an entire evening once per week – or even once per month – you could learn to cherish time together as a family again. What are some great family activities that don’t involve screens? This post lists a few examples. 

Cook a meal together

Cooking a meal together could be one fun way to get away from screens. Dig out some physical recipe books and challenge each other to make a new meal. Alternatively, try something a little simpler that you don’t need instructions for. Foods like homemade pizzas and tacos are always fun. Of course, you can also bake a cake together. 

Go out for a meal

If you want a break from cooking, why not treat you and the family to a meal out? By getting out of the house, you can get away from TVs and computers. You could also make it a rule that no-one is allowed to use their phone while at the restaurant.

Have a board game night

Board games are a reliably fun way to spend time together as a family. Wipe the dust off your Monopoly and Scrabble boxes and enjoy a game together. Alternatively, you could try a new board game. 

Play card games

There are many family card games that can also be a great way to spend time together. Card games can be played at home, or you can take them out with you to a restaurant. There may be card games that you’re already familiar with that you all love to play, or you could try a few new card games.

Look through old photo albums

Got some old physical photo albums stored away somewhere? Why not get these out and enjoy taking a look through. This could be a great opportunity to share memories and tell stories. It’s possible that there could be other memories worth digging up too such as souvenirs, old scrapbooks and family heirlooms.

Get involved in craft activities

There could also be craft activities that you can enjoy together. Young kids are certain to love making puppets, play dough creations, paintings and hats. Playing with Legos can also be really fun – you could get creative and build your own cars or your own castles. 

Go bowling

Bowling is another great screen-free family activity. Technically, there are screens involved in this activity – the scores are usually recorded on a screen. However, this could be a great chance to get away from TVs, phones and tablets.

Go on an evening walk/cycle ride

Evening walks and cycle rides can be a great way to get some exercise into your day while spending screen-free time together. They’re ideal if you live somewhere fairly rural, however they can still be possible in many urban areas. Plan to walk or cycle to a destination – this could be an amazing local viewpoint where you could have an evening picnic or a family-friendly bar/restaurant where you can reward yourself with some food and drink. 

Enjoy time in your yard

In the summer months, the best place to enjoy screen-free time together in your yard. You can cook and eat outdoors, play ball games, have a water fight or even tackle backyard projects together like planting new shrubs. 

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