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How to Enjoy Red Meat in a Safe Way

You might be aware of the horror stories around red meat and your health. And some of them are true. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy red meat as part of a balanced and varied diet.

Find the Best Quality You Can Afford

First, not all meat is produced equally. The quality of your meat is essential for reducing the health risks associated with it. For instance, you might see very cheap meat at your local supermarket. But it is cheap for a reason. Often, these are poor cuts with connective tissue, sinew, and high amounts of fat. To be safe, visit restaurants like Perry Street ChopHouse to ensure you get the best quality. That way, you can enjoy red meat like steaks as a treat.

Buy Reduced Fat Cuts of Red Meat

Some cheaper cuts have a lot of fat. But not all. You see, for some red meats, like certain cuts of steak, fat contains most of the flavor. The same is also true of lamb. However, some types of red meat don’t benefit from more fat and are worse for your health. For instance, ground beef is a great way to use cheap red meat. Yet it often contains a lot of fat, which can even ruin your dish, such as a bolognese or a burger pattie. Instead, try to use lean mince wherever you can.

Enjoy Red Meat from an Air Fryer

Air fryers are being sold by the shed load at the moment because they use 70% less energy than an oven and cook in half the time. They are now an essential kitchen item, and they really do work well. And some newer models are also coming with grill attachments. What’s great about these is they can sear your red meat, such as steaks, and chargrill them like a restaurant. Additionally, the very nature of the air fryer means most of the harmful fat is also drained off.

Avoid Processed Meats

Processed meats, whether red or white, have been linked to increased risks of cancer. But what is processed meat? In a nutshell, processed meat is anything that isn’t simply a cut of meat. This includes things like salami, hot dogs and sausages, and even bacon slices. It also includes meats that have been smoked, salted, and cured. Too much red meat is bad for you. That’s a fact. But processed red meat is worse, being linked to both colorectal and lung cancer.

Eat Your Meat Soon After Buying

No matter the meat you choose to eat, there are always risks. This is because you don’t always know where it comes from, how it has been handled, and even how to store it properly. As a result, your meat may not always be as fresh as you would like. And learning how to store your meat is essential to avoid bacteria like salmonella. A good rule of thumb is to buy your meat and consume it on the day of purchase. If you want to freeze it, do this as soon as you get home.


It is a pleasure to enjoy red meat every now and then. But always buy the best you can afford, be aware of healthier cooking methods, and eat your meat soon after you buy it from the store.

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