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How to Finally Stick to Your Fitness Goals in 2020

The New Year is a time that Many people make plans to improve their health and fitness following the indulgence of the holidays.

This comes at a time when we’ve had our fill of turkey, chocolate, and cheese to last the year, and we’re all desperate to get our bodies and minds back into the swing of things with a sensible eating plan and fitness routine. 

The New Year is the perfect time to get out your sportswear and finally get to use that ‘no joining fee’ offer that advertisers bombard us with after December 26. 

Here’s how to finally stick to your fitness goals in 2020. 

Set Goals 

You ever hear that phrase ‘fail to prepare,  prepare to fail’? This is often something that is associated with taking tests or planning an event- but how often do we apply this to our own self-care practices when making changes in our lives? 

In order to stick to a plan, it’s important to create one that will help in achieving your final fitness goal. Set realistic targets that are easy to stick to.

You might be a stage where walking a mile is the goal. Start off with walking ¼ mile and increasing a little every day until you can walk that mile.

There are many ‘30 day fitness’ challenges that help beginners get into the habit of working out a little every day to improve on their strength and fitness daily, too. These are great ways to keep track of your achievements. Check them out on Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Create Habits

At the start of a New Year, it can seem easy to stay motivated because others around you are also working on improving certain areas of their lives.

Studies say that it takes around 21 days to create a habit- that’s roughly the same amount of time it takes people to quit their resolutions.

Create habits that make it easy to achieve your goals. If you want to walk in the mornings before showering and getting ready for work, set an alarm and have your sneakers ready by the door to put on before you leave. Find a good podcast or audiobook to listen to while out walking or working out. Let listening and working out become your ritual!

Track your Progress 

No matter what you resolve to do, make sure to find your own way of tracking progress. When you’re making a change in your life, tracking your progress is a great way of improving your motivation. 

Whether it is keeping track of your steps, caloric intake, or simply noting the days in which you worked out, keep a record of your achievements so you can celebrate later on. 

Set yourself rewards that won’t hold you back or hinder your progress. 

Be Proud 

It takes around 3 weeks to break a habit, but the truth is that it can take a lot longer to tackle a lifestyle change. When you finally crack it, be proud of yourself. Don’t compare your progress to others’. You have got this!

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