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How to Find Clients in Unusual Places

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Freelance writing is one of the most flexible jobs there is. You can work from just about anywhere. Besides, you choose the types of jobs to take and decide which ones to decline.

However, finding clients can be challenging – especially if you are not aggressive. Apart from the conventional ways of pitching clients, there are several other ways freelance writers can get well-paying clients. Below are some of the unusual places to find clients:

Local farmer’s market

A farmer’s market might seem an unusual place, but the truth is that you can land several copywriting clients in this kind of setup. Most small scale farmers do not have marketing teams to advertise their products. They could benefit from having websites, but they just don’t know where to find or how to get the right people.

Although the budget for most clients in this sector might be smaller, it can be an excellent opportunity to build your portfolio and establish your presence in the industry. Besides, you can also get referrals after showcasing your skills to one or two customers.

Fundraising events

Fundraising events are some of the best places freelance writers can explore for writing gigs. This is because they are organized frequently and attract a lot of people. 

Because these fundraising events are often organized by the same people, they can present a chance of creating long-lasting relationships with them.

Besides that, fundraising events largely depend on promotions and marketing to succeed. If you do an excellent job the first time, they will definitely contact you again and even refer you to their friends and colleagues. Additionally, the fundraising event creates a platform to network with business owners within your area.


Colleges and universities are also great places to shop for writing clients. It doesn’t matter if it means you join a college; if so, you could kill two birds with one stone. For example, if you are studying architecture in college and live in California, you could look for architecture schools in California who need brochure copy written. After all, the language of the discipline is fresh in your head.

The most important thing is to know how to pitch clients. Ensure that you have a portfolio showcasing your previous work as well as reviews and testimonials from clients. If you manage to win the copywriting job, prove your abilities – who knows they might even take you as their marketing strategist!

Vintage Fairs/Craft Fairs

Vintage markets and craft fairs are perfect networking hot spots. Freelance writers can take advantage of such events and connect to new business owners or independent contractors. It is good to practice how to talk to strangers to harness the full potential.

Another good thing about craft fairs is that most sellers use websites for auctioning their products. They would probably find the idea of having their own website exciting. Take advantage of that and introduce yourself. Don’t forget to give your business card in the course of your interaction.

Friends and family events

You probably haven’t thought that you can land writing clients through personal contacts. However, you can often find a friend or close relative in need of a website for your business. It would be regrettable to realize that your uncle hired someone else to write content for his website–simply because he wasn’t aware that you are a writer. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of family events. Don’t skip events that bring together your friends or family. You can use such forums to let them know that you are a competent copywriter. Even if they can’t hire you, they might refer you to someone else.

Charity events

Well, this might sound unusual, but it is an opportunity to meet new potential clients. Charity events often bring together people from different walks of life. You can easily connect with the CEO of a company or several business owners. Such an event is an excellent opportunity to connect and introduce yourself and the services you offer. You will be surprised to land high-end and long-term clients in such simple circumstances.

In a nutshell, there are several unconventional places freelance writers can find clients. All you need is to be as creative as possible and offer quality services if you get the opportunity.

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