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How to Find the Right Talent For Your Small Business

Is it time for you to find your first few employees? Do you have one location and opening up a second? Every milestone in the story of your small business is an amazing achievement so congratulations! 

Now everyone’s time is limited, especially for a small business owner, so how do you find the talent you need? If you aren’t sure, here’s a few ways to make that all the easier for you.

Look Over The Job Posting 

This might seem obvious to some, but everyone needs to do this. If you wrote a posting years ago or are just creating it for the first time, make sure you look it over a few times. Anything out of the ordinary, like spelling errors or vague language about the company and/or position are going to lead to people thinking it’s a possible scam. 

Use as concise language as possible to convey the position that’s posted but don’t forget to mention your culture in the job ad. Everyone wants to make sure they’ll be working at a place they feel comfortable at and employers need to make sure to hire employees that fit into the already established culture.

Take Advantage Of The Internet 

Once you’ve got your job posting polished, don’t just post it to one site and be done. It doesn’t have to head to every imaginable job board but place it everywhere that makes sense. If this seems like it’d be overwhelming to manage, consider getting talent acquisition software to automate some of this process.

This extends past job posting as well. Having active social media is a great way to drum up excitement about your small business. This is especially important to keep in mind if you plan on hiring in the near or distant future. If people are aware of your culture and what working for you is like, they’ll be extremely excited to apply themselves or mention it to anyone they know looking for a new job. 

Be Clear About Job Growth

This is extremely important to be clear about, in either direction. If you are planning on staying small and just bringing in a few employees, a certain person is going to be interested in that. Imagine someone needing flexibility or someone looking to slow down towards the end of their career. They might not be interested in a place with rapid growth in its future. 

On the other hand, someone younger or without many other obligations might be looking for a small business that does have a significant 5-10 year growth plan. Either way, being clear about this in the posting or in the interview is an important detail in getting the right hires with the correct expectations about their future at the company. 

Look Locally

If you have a few trusted employees, see if they know anyone that is looking for employment. This can serve as a great first screening for anyone you’d consider bringing in for an interview. If you are bringing in your first employees, reach out to professional contacts you’ve worked with in the past and see if they might have anyone in mind.

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