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How to Fortify Your Hair and Keep it Strong


If you want to look good, you need to take care of your hair. It is the foundation of your look. Healthy strong hair is easy to style and makes you look healthier and more vital.

But it takes work. As you will see you have to look after and nurture your hair in several different ways for it to look its best.

A healthy scalp is essential

It is not enough to simply take care of the hair itself. You need to look after your scalp too. If your hair were a garden, your scalp would be the soil in which it grows. It is that important, so opting to use a scalp serum at least once a week is a very good idea. These products are designed to cut through the sticky dirt that builds up around each shaft. They contain ingredients that nourish the hair follicle and deliver some of what your body needs to produce strong strands straight to the point where it is required.

Eat food that nourishes your hair

But that is not enough, you also need to eat the right things. Foods that boost the body’s ability to grow beautiful hair. In fact, eating well is probably the most important thing you can do for your hair. As you can see from this scientific study there is a strong connection between hair loss and diet. Your body needs lean protein and plenty of vegetables to be able to provide you with a beautiful head of hair.

Condition your hair regularly

Using a good quality conditioner will also help. Provided you use the right product, each strand will be smoothed out, which will make them less prone to breaking. The right conditioner will also coat each hair with a fine layer of product, which will give ongoing protection.

Protect your hair from stress

You need to think of your hair as a fine fabric. One that needs to be protected from wear and tear and washed regularly with the right products. Your aim should be to not put your hair through undue stress.

Choose your hairbrush carefully

You would not use a stiff brush on a silk dress, so you should not be doing that to your hair. It is important to choose the right hairbrush for your hair type and the way it is styled. You can learn how to do that by clicking here.

Try not to over-style your hair

If at all possible, choose a hairstyle that does not require a lot of maintenance. Every time you apply heat, dyes, straightening or perming products to your hair you are putting it under enormous strain. It is all too easy for the harsh chemicals to cause it to get out of balance, to either become dry and brittle or lank and lifeless. 

Try your best to do all of the above, rather than just one or two of them. Supporting your hair in as many ways as possible is the most effective way to keep it looking fantastic.

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