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How To Get Gorgeous Radiant Skin

Photo by John Tekeridis

Having radiant skin is about so much more than just looking good. It’s about feeling our best selves, and when we feel our best we act our best and have a positive impact on those around us too. Happily, if you are looking for skin that glows, there are plenty of strategies you can try. You’ll find the most effective ones listed in my post below. Just keep on reading to find out what they are and to get the key to radiant skin! 

Become best friends with your dermatologist 

If you want radiant skin, then seeing your dermatologist regularly is essential. Especially if you have any specific issues such as melasma, acne, scars, and hyperpigmentation. Remember to always work with a board-certified dermatologist who will likely offer you treatment in the form of topical cream, light, and lasers. 

Get your exfoliation routine right 

Yes, to get a radiant skull you need to exfoliate. This is because exfoliation removes the top layer of the skin, which is full of old dead cells, allowing the new healthier layer to shine through. 

Too many people forget to exfoliate altogether which can be disastrous for the health of their skin. Indeed, the only thing more disastrous when it comes to exfoliation than not doing it at all is doing it too much! Over-exfoliation can also be bad for the skin because it does not give it enough time to properly recover and heal. That is why it is so important to get your exfoliation routine right. 

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

With that in mind, exfoliating once a week, and never more than twice a week is best. Use a physical exfoliant like a face scrub, although it’s best to pick one with natural ingredients rather than microbeads as these are bad for the environment. 

You may also want to use a chemical exfoliant instead. Although these tend to be very strong so use them with caution and no more than once a week is advised. 

Use sunscreen 

Your skin is pretty amazing! It is the largest organ in your body, and it is constantly renewing itself. It also protects you from all sorts of nasty toxins and pollutants as well as the rays of the sun! It’s got a whole lot to do, and anything you can do to help it like wearing sunscreen will make it work less hard. 

This means wearing sunscreen no matter what your skin tone or shade. It also means wearing sunscreen daily, not just on holiday or when you are sunbathing. Remember, UVA and UVB rays which are well known to age the skin are just as present on your walk to work, or when you pick your kids up from school as they are on a tropical beach. 

To that end, finding a great sunscreen you can use under your makeup daily is advisable. Alternatively, you may wish to find a foundation, moisturizer, or primer that contains UVA and UVB protection to wear daily. 

Eat and drink well 

I know you’ve heard the phrase you are what you eat a lot already, but what we consume does have a big impact on the health and radiance of our skin. You can think of our skin as something of a barometer of what is going on inside the body, and if we are not rushing the inside then our skin cannot be at its best. 

To that end, staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol, and eating a well-balanced diet are crucial for radiant skin. Oh and don’t even think about smoking as this wreaks havoc on the skin and collagen and will work against any of the other good work you are doing. 

Try micro needling 

Much less extreme than a facelift, and much more natural than a chemical peel, micro-needling can transform your face and give you that radiant glow you’ve been looking for. 

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that uses microscopic needles to create tiny channels in the skin. These micro wounds stimulate your skin’s healing response giving you fresher and more radiant skin in a matter of days. 

You can even combine Microneedling with PRP which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. Sourced from your blood, Platelet-Rich Plasma when used in combination with microneedling makes the process even more effective by stimulating your skin’s production of elastin and collagen. 

Use skincare with a brightening effect 

Dull skill is the opposite of radiance and that means sourcing skin care products with a brightening effect can make all the difference. The good news is there are plenty of products that offer brightening including moisturizers and serums. 

Look for ones that contain active ingredients such as vitamin C, and Vitamin B3 as these are especially good at giving your skin a radiant glow. 

Moisturize skin every day 

You wouldn’t expect a plant to grow without giving it food and water, and you can think of your skin and moisturizer in the same way. Indeed, it’s crucial to remember that moisturizing your skin is not for when it feels dry but should be a daily, if not twice daily routine. 

The first time you should moisturize your skin is in the morning once you have washed your face. This will help to keep it hydrated under your makeup all day. The best type of moisturizer to use in the morning is a lighter one that is easily absorbed. You may also want to use one that is brightening as this will give you a radiant glow underneath your makeup. Just be sure to allow a few minutes to let the cream sink in before you begin applying your primer or foundation, otherwise, it may not set well. 

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

The second time you should moisturize your skin during the day is at night. You should do this once you have taken your makeup off and you are ready for bed. The best type of moisturizer to use at this time of day is night cream. These tend to be richer creams packed with nutrients that your body gets to absorb over a longer period during the night. 

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