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How To Get That Perfect Smile In Photos

Photo by Thaís Sarmento from Pexels

This is the season where you always find yourself needing to smile for pictures. Smiling for all the upcoming photos can be exhausting, and your smile can sometimes start to appear unnatural and forced with each snap of the camera. Luckily, we have some advice that should help you make sure that in every picture, you show off a beautiful natural smile in the best way possible. 

Have a look below at some of the ways you can get the perfect smile: 

Take Care Of Your Teeth

This is definitely the number one protocol for making sure you have the perfect smile. The health of your teeth is important whether you are planning on been photographed or not. Whether it’s teeth alignment through AlignerCo, whitening, general cleaning, or general dentist appointments it’s all things that you should consider having on your list if you want the perfect smile. 

Don’t Have Your Bottom And Top Teeth Touching

This is a tip that not many are aware of, however, it can make all the difference to your smile. When you smile with your top and bottom teeth touching it can lead to your neck muscles tensing and sometimes bulging out in an unflattering way. Keeping a small gap between your bottom and top teeth will lead to a more natural, softer smile. 

Don’t Smile Like The Joker

Having a relaxed and genuine smile is always the best way to go, not a joker smile. We know that you want to show off your pearly whites, however, a joker grin can make your smile seem forced and unpleasant. Studies have shown that a smile with an excessive amount of teeth showing doesn’t give off a good impression. Don’t make your smile bigger than what it is naturally. 

Wet Your Teeth Slightly Before Smiling 

This is a really simple yet effective trick to have up your sleeve. It can instantly make your teeth look more shiny and bright on photos. Just before you smile, run your tongue over your teeth. It will prevent your teeth from looking dull and instead will give off a smoother, shinier appearance. 

Have The Camera At Eye Level

Holding a camera anywhere below eye level is going to make your photos appear unflattering. You risk getting the dreaded double chin, as well as its potential distorting your beautiful facial features. Maintaining the camera above eye level will prevent any unflattering angles. It will also help to make your smile look happier, brighter, and more natural. Also, if you need a professional headshot, it’s best to hire a professional photographer like

Be Yourself And Relax 

This one is definitely important before any picture is taken, take a deep breathe and try to relax. Try not to force it though, just let loose and maybe even laugh a little. You’re guaranteed a beautiful smile if you’re relaxed, thinking happy thoughts, and genuine.  Some photographers recommend that you act like you are smiling at someone you love. Regardless of how you relax, try to have fun and be yourself above all else. This is when you are going to be most natural. 

These 6 tips will help you to get that perfect smile on every photo, is there anything that you do to relax for photos? Please share your tips in the comments below.

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