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How To Give Your Home That Rustic Feel

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Forget those ultra-modern, sleek, and shiny rooms, as that is not real life. Blank rooms and houses that lack character, charm, and that rustic feel are not homes; they are merely boxes people exist in. To create a rustic feel in your home, you need to take things back to basics where you can.

Look at your decor

Neutralize your décor but remember you don’t have to have light colorless walls. Earth colors, such as red and terracotta, can give any space a rustic, warm homely feeling. Whether you use the color on all walls or just use it to create a feature wall, earthy tones and hues will instantly add warmth to any space.

Install new windows

UPVC windows may initially look good, but over time they lose their shine, especially as the elements get to them. So, why not show your home some real love and look at installing wooden window frames. Wooden frames can come in a variety of colors that will compliment your home’s current style, and what’s even better is that they are more environmentally friendly too.

Layer it up

From layered rugs to layered blankets and sofa cushions, anything goes, even patterns and styles that you feel may clash. Don’t be afraid to mix it up by using different materials and fabrics, as well as different colors and patterns. Rustic style is all about simple yet stylish rooms, designs, and products. Layering makes a space feel more lived-in and, at the same time, homely and sumptuous.

Go back to basics

Rustic style is all about being earthy, natural, and simple, so why not give it a go? Hide the TV (in a cabinet if you can). Remove all the electronic devices and replace them with some lovely good old fashioned books. Driftwood furniture is fabulous, rustic, and eco-friendly at the same time. Even one statement piece, such as a coffee table, would look good in your rustic-inspired space. Add a good selection of hard-backed books, and your room will now look stylish, just like it has been plucked out of a magazine.

Add some greenery

Houseplants are the perfect addition to any space. Houseplants can purify the air within a room and can bring a calming and relaxed feeling, which can be needed, especially in a busy family home. Houseplants, whether big, small, or hanging can make a space feel more rustic, especially if they are displayed in macramé pieces or driftwood pots. Look at incorporating cactuses and other drought-resistant hardy plants that scream rustic.

Add more wood

If you haven’t got beams, then you can always fake it. There are fake slim add-on beams that look lovely when stained, and to the untrained eye, they look very realistic; they can bring a whole new dimension and look to your room. If you don’t fancy adding wooden beams, then look at adding hardwood flooring or terracotta tiles, which will pull together a rustic-styled room beautifully.

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