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How to Have a Stress-Free Experience Traveling with Dogs

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

As a family member, many people will want to bring their dog along when going on vacation. This is backed up by the fact that, throughout the United States, millions of animals accompany their guardians on trips. 

While traveling with dogs has been made easier due to the rise of dog-friendly hotels and equipment such as canine backpacks, it can still prove to be stressful. If you’re in search of ways to make the experience smoother, read on for advice on traveling with dogs. 

Firstly, does your dog need to travel?

Before getting into advice on how to travel with your dog, you have to ask yourself the question: Do they have to come along for the ride? 

Sometimes you might feel that it is a necessity to bring your dog along when traveling. You may not have a sitter to look after him or her, for example. However, there is a solution in the form of a daycare for dogs. 

At daycare, your dog will have a space to play and relax, and they will be looked after by professional staff members. The only issue is finding a local daycare. If you live in Pennsylvania, you will find a dog daycare in Glen Mills for instance. 

If you don’t feel your dog will be comfortable traveling, don’t force them into going along for the journey. There’s always a method available that will allow them to remain in more pleasant surroundings. 

Always prepare before setting off

Spontaneity is great in certain situations, but this isn’t one of them. Before the journey begins, there are various aspects to consider. To start with, your dog should pay a visit to the vet for a checkup. If your dog suffers from car sickness, the veterinarian will be able to offer a remedy in some form. 

Along with this, ensure your accommodation of choice is open towards allowing pets to stay. Also look into where you’re going and if there are any transport restrictions or quarantine laws regarding animals. 

Traveling on the road

Once everything else is in place and you’re ready to hit the road, here are points to remember when traveling with your dog: 

  • Your canine should never be left alone in a car. Even during mildly warm climates, dogs can suffer if left inside a parked car. It can take just 15 minutes for animals to die from heatstroke. 
  • Feed your pooch early to help prevent sickness. 
  • Don’t exercise your dog right before the trip. This could cause them to get thirsty and hot in the car. 
  • During the journey, stop for regular brief walks. 
  • If the dog is unrestrained, don’t leave a car door or window open.
  • Ensure you carry plenty of water and a no-spill travel bowl. 

At the destination 

Once you have arrived at your destination, there’s still work to be done. You should maintain the same routine as at home, such as taking your dog for walks and having playtime. They should also have access to water and food at all times. 

When at the accommodation, you should also respect those nearby. If your dog indulges in a lot of barking when you’re not around, it’s important you don’t leave them alone. 

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