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How to Improve Your Fashion Sense With These Techy Accessories

Who would have ever thought that fashion and technology could be a perfect combination? Whenever we thought about fashion, only pieces of clothing and interesting accessories would come to our minds.

But nowadays things have drastically changed. Stylish and appealing wearable tech these days plays a huge role in the fashion world. More and more people want to purchase various interesting gadgets that will serve as some type of fashion statement.

That’s why some of the biggest names in this industry, such as Saint Laurent and Dior are starting to introduce tech accessorize and collaborate with numerous tech brands. So, what is currently popular when it comes to tech accessories? Let’s find out!

Stylish Tech Accessories You Must Own

Wireless Earphones by Planet Beyond

Wireless headphones are practically worn by everyone and with a little bit of effort, they can truly look like a piece of jewelry. One of the companies that have successfully managed to combine technology and fashion is Planet Beyond.

Namely, they’ve designed extraordinary wireless earphones that look very elegant and trendy. Furthermore, this device was developed by designers and scientists from Harvard, along with MIT, and is as equally good as Bose and Apple headphones.

You will almost instantly notice metallic designs of sun rays and leaves. What’s great about them is the fact that they were made from recycled materials and can be purchased in three colors, gunmetal, silver, and gold


Up until recently, a lot of people thought that these gadgets are nothing but a waste of money. And it wasn’t because they’ve had a bad experience, but simply because they didn’t know what this device could actually do.

Do they just tell time? Of course not. If you give them a chance you will quickly uncover a vast range of smartwatch features that are very useful. Namely, these watches can act like traditional ones, or, if you are eager to experience more, then they can also act as smartphones.

What’s amazing is the fact that they can perform things mobile phones can’t. For instance, a plethora of these watches come with fitness tracking which is going to help you keep up with all your fitness goals.

More importantly, if you have a hectic business schedule and you’re not always able to reply to calls and messages, don’t worry, these watches will help you perform these tasks efficiently. With them, you can reply to your messages and receive phone calls on the go.

That’s why it is easy to see that these devices do not only look good and can definitely enhance your outfits, but they are beneficial in more than just one way and cannot be perceived as traditional watches in any way.

What Else Do You Need?

Versace Medusa Tribute iPhone X Case

This is a perfect blend of French-navy showcase and a touch of Italian flair. The price is a bit high and something that can’t be purchased if you’re tight on a budget, however, if you’re not and you want to embellish your outfit then this is definitely a great option.

This item is rounded out with marks that showcase “Versace, Made in Italy” and comes with hardcore and solid look that is going to remind you of luxurious lifestyles that rich people had back in the day.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Connected Watch

Items that Louis Vuitton designs are typically intended for rich fashionistas. The same goes for this device too. It presents their first attempt to create a watch that primarily focuses on travel, rather than health and fitness.

This out-of-this-world smartwatch is based on the Tambour Moon design and accentuates two key features, My Flight and LV Guide. So what does it do? Namely, this exquisite device is going to provide you with some great recommendations based on the place you are currently in.

What’s great about it is the fact that it is compatible with both Android cell phones and iOS and is customizable from a myriad of watch colors, faces, and detachable straps, plus it is a perfect fashion accessory.

Lipstick Powerbank

If you’re looking for a combination of something trendy, yet functional then this gadget is perfect for you. With its help, you will never ever have to worry about whether your battery is going to die at any moment or not. This gadget is going to help your phone’s battery stay afloat. 

With these items that we listed in this article, you will turn heads wherever you appear. A great thing about these trendy tech accessories is that they look breathtaking, plus are beneficial in many ways.

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