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How to Improve Your Work-at-Home Setup

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Is your job feeling a bit lackluster? Is working from home bringing you down? Don’t jump into an existential spiral just yet—all you might need is a bit of a home office revamp. 

When you’re trapped in the house all day clicking away at the computer or filling out reports, your home office might feel more like a mind-prison than a productive paradise. This guide is here to help take you out of your slump with some simple and easy improvements to your work-at-home setup. 

Read on to find out how you can turn your at-home work environment into a beacon of peace and productivity. 

Spruce Up Your Space with Indoor Plants

Surrounding yourself with plants during your workday is an excellent way to lift your spirits, fuel productivity, and energize your mind—especially if your job requires you to stare at a screen for hours on end. Place potted flowers around the room or hang luscious greenery using modern glass planters from the ceiling to create your very own indoor jungle that’s as alive as it is beautiful.

Buy Some Helpful Tools and Gadgets

No work-at-home setup is as effective as one that’s geared up for success. You want a digital and physical space that is as efficient, fast, and comfortable as the workflow you’re trying to achieve. To do this, you may need to invest some money and time for setup—but don’t worry, at the end of the day, it’ll be more than worth it. 

Here are some must-have gadgets for any home office aficionado: 

  • Ergonomic office chair to improve posture and reduce back pain.
  • High-speed computer processor for powerful productivity without any lag. 
  • Second monitor to help you stay organized and neat in your virtual space.
  • Standing desk to promote a more active lifestyle and to lift your mood.
  • High-quality keyboard for easy, low impact typing.
  • Wireless mouse for fast, smooth clicking and scrolling

Don’t get caught up with unnecessary joint pain, mood dips, or time wasters—get your hands on these beneficial tools to boost your comfort and productivity, and fast. 

Add a Break Nook

Whether you’re starting your own business or working remotely for a large company, you’ll want to carve out time—and space—for non-work activities. Adding a little reading nook in a corner of your home office is an excellent idea for unwinding, without completely exiting your productive zone. For a healthy workday, implement regular breaks to keep you sharp, without losing steam.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, all you need to revamp your home office is to change up the furniture layout with light, traffic, and free space in mind. 

Here are some tips to improve your setup, without buying anything new: 

  • Angle your desk and monitors so you’re neither staring into the light, nor is your computer reflecting it into your eyes.
  • Open up the space by moving furniture away from the walls.
  • File away loose papers into neat drawers and cabinets to keep your space clean and decluttered.
  • Move your chair so you are facing away from the door—that way, you distract yourself less with the prospect of leaving your workspace.

Beautify Your Home Office

Making your work-at-home space more beautiful is a surefire way to enjoy your workday more, make your “commute” from bedroom to office more appealing, and keep you at it for longer. To add some much-needed jazz to your work area, hang up charming canvas prints on the walls, place family photos on your filing cabinet, or even craft your own DIY wallpaper to give your space a unique, calming flair. 

You can place beautiful pieces on your desk, too. Add a copper flower vase right next to your monitor or buy a chic pen holder to house all your favorite writing utensils. Remember, every office supply is an opportunity for more beauty to fuel your creativity and flow. 

Enjoy Your Work

No matter what you add or remove from your space, the most essential addition to your work life is a can-do attitude and some self-confidence. Believe in your abilities to conquer your tasks during this difficult time, take a deep breath, and get cooking (by cooking, we mean working, unless your job is as a professional chef… in which case you will be doing both)!

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