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How to Incorporate Herringbone in Your Home Décor

Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

Wooden floors have always been a popular choice. They are practical, hardwearing, and look great. But, you may not realize that there are many different styles of wooden floors.  They all have their place but it’s worth considering the traditional and distinctive herringbone flooring.

What Is Herringbone Flooring?

Herringbone floor uses pieces of wood cut into rectangles. They are then set at angles in to the floor in a zigzag pattern.  This makes it look like they are cut at angles and to sharp points but they’re not. 

Herringbone flooring can be made from any wood, allowing you to choose your preferred type of wood and even the color. It makes this a versatile and practical option for any home or an individual room.

Incorporating It Into Your Home Decor

The floor can be any color as the wood can be stained to create your desired shade. The best approach is to opt for a lighter shade that will complement your walls. This is especially relevant if you like pastel all colors.

But, you need to consider the volume of traffic. The more an area will be used the darker the flooring should be. This will minimize the visibility of dirt and debris from foot traffic, making it easier to keep your herringbone flooring looking fantastic.


Herringbone flooring is set at an angle, making a pretty pattern that moves in one direction. Consider the layout of your home and the most obvious routes around it. You can then lazy the herringbone flooring in the same format, effectively leading you and your visitors around your home.

It’s worth noting that you can use different types and shades of herringbone flooring in different areas of your home. This can help it to fit with the décor of each room and provide the distinction between spaces 

Of course, it can also make the flooring appear more attractive as it will draw more attention to the fact it changes throughout the home. 

Add A Backsplash

Herringbone doesn’t just need to be on the floor. You can use it to create a backsplash in your kitchen. It can be made from wood or tiles and still create the same effect. This looks stunning when put with a herringbone floor.

Alongside a backsplash, you can add the same effect around your bath or bathroom sink. It’s even possible to create a herringbone pattern in your walls, especially if you’re planning on undertaking a tongue and groove style finish.

Take it one step further and turn the entire bathroom walls into a herringbone pattern. 

Take It Outside

You can extend the herringbone theme by creating a decking or patio outside. Every home needs an outside space to entertain and enjoy the summer sun. The flooring of this outside space can be herringbone, reflecting the theme inside your house and helping to include the outside space as part of your home. 

It’s a great way to create a stunning outside area and embrace the herringbone design.

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