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How to Increase the Safety of Your Family Home With 4 Easy House Repairs

The first thing we look for when moving into a new home is the safety of the area. Can the kids play in the neighborhood safely and freely? Are there any burglaries in the area? What’s the crime rate? How far is the police station? All of these are essential questions every family asks before moving into a new neighborhood. However, safety is not the only factor that should be considered. How safe the house is for your family is also a vital factor. 

Even if you live in a completely safe area, safety isn’t always 100% guaranteed. There are some minor things such as bad construction or a lack of fire alarms that could put your family’s well-being at risk, and habitual problems such as flimsy windows or doors that could make your home an easy target for thieves and criminals. 

Here are 4 easy repairs to increase the safety of your family home. 

Doors and Windows 

The most essential areas you should focus on are your doors and windows. Whether you recently moved in or you’ve been staying in the same home for years, you should check the safety of these points of entry. Start by checking the windows and see if there are any cracks around the frame, and check the durability of the glass. 

If you believe that they’re not durable enough and can easily be broken whether by playing neighborhood kids or by a thief, it’s time to change them. Choose windows with thick and tempered glass to eliminate the risk of easy breakage and avoid injuries in case it does break. 

The most durable and secure type of door is a steel one. Steel doors are impossible to break and hard to open without their key. They also can withstand the harsh weather conditions and have a long lifespan, so you won’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon. 

Fixing Your Roof 

Living in San Diego means that you’re always worried about whether the roof will be damaged by the scorching sun during the summer, or by a leak in the winter. 

The hot temperature ruins the wood and structure of the roofs, which is why you need to make sure that your roof is durable and doesn’t need regular maintenance each season. Professionals that you can rely on in your area should be your top priority so that the job is done correctly. In the words of San Diego based roofing contractors, the right professionals will understand how to properly install and secure anything you need on your roof. You should also ask about your roof’s condition before the wet season and see how or if you should improve it. A professional who is aware of the weather throughout the year will provide you with the needed solution. 

When your roof is not in a good condition, there’s a chance of it collapsing during winter, so avoid this threat by securing the roof and have it checked regularly. 

Smart Lights

The main thing that pulls burglars to a certain house is the sense that it might be uninhabited. When there are no cars in the driveway or nightlights illuminating your home for more than a day–especially during the holidays–it is regarded as an easy target. 

You can secure your house while traveling by installing lights with a timer that turns on during the night to make your home look like someone lives in it. You can also install motion sensors that turn the front lights on when someone approaches the front door. These simple features will keep your home safe while you’re out of town. 

Install a Security System 

Many people who live in safe areas underestimate the importance of installing or repairing their security systems, thinking that it won’t be beneficial. A working security system will contact the police in case someone tries to break-in, which will minimize theft and other crimes as much as possible. When there’s a breach, a security system has a loud noise that will scare criminals away and inform your neighbors that there was a breach. 

However, a security system will not just reduce and prevent theft, it’s also put in place for the safety of your family. A reliable security system will have a smoke detector that contacts emergency numbers in case of a fire. You can also install a sprinkler system to your detector to extinguish the fire immediately. 

Increasing the safety of your home is a must for everyone. Check your doors, windows, ceilings, and walls to see if there’s a way it can injure any of your family members. Always choose tempered glass. Should it break,  the glass will shatter into tiny pieces that make it impossible to cut someone. The condition of your roof is also important as it may collapse or leak water during the winter, which will put all your family’s well-being at risk. You can contact a professional to inspect your home and inform you of all the needed repairs and how to secure it.

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