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How To Keep Your Dog Happy When They Are Sick

Caring for older dogs is just the same as caring for puppies when they are sick. All need love, care, and attention to feel safe and content. When dogs are sick, they do not always show signs. So, it is always a good idea to practice rituals that may signal that they are sick, such as watching how much they eat or go to the toilet. If your dog is sick and you want to keep their spirits up and make them happy, here are some tips.

Find them a new treat

Whether you are looking for Cushings treatment for dogs or a treat to take their mind off of the mental or physical stress that the illness is causing, you can find plenty online. A new treat and medication to help them feel better will maintain their happiness and hopefully make them well again as soon as possible. 

Maintain a regular routine

A regular routine is important for dogs. They are creatures of habit and like consistency. If you introduce a new routine when the dog is sick, they might feel overwhelmed and feel insecure. Keeping a regular routine will keep your dog happy and show you respect for their needs.

Create a calm environment

A calm environment is bound to make your dog feel safe, content, and comfortable. If you surround them with business and chaos, it will hinder their physical and mental health. A peaceful setting with warmth will ensure they are warm and relaxed. Speaking to them in a calming voice will also ensure they feel as relaxed as possible. 

Keep them warm

Alongside ensuring the environment they are in is calm, your sick dog will also need to stay warm. If it is cold outside, avoid walks. Putting their bed next to a radiator will help them stay warm and can also help them sleep. Rest is essential for sick dogs, as it is poorly humans. Thus, ensure they are always warm when they are sick. If they do require a walk to stretch their legs, a dog coat will regulate their body temperature and prevent them from getting cold.


A sick dog will need plenty of water. Their hydration levels can quickly drop. Ensure they drink as often as possible and keep their water bowl nearby their bed to encourage them to drink. If they are tired and do not get up for water often, hydration tablets can boost their levels and ensure they do not drop too low. Dehydration can slow down their recovery or make their illness worse, which is not want you to want to happen. So, staying on top of their liquid intake will aid a better and quicker recovery. 

All dogs require care and love, especially when they are sick. Keep them warm, happy, and comfortable to ensure they feel safe and content when they are unwell. Cuddles and attention can go a long way too. 

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