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How to Keep Your Pet Calm When They Have Separation Anxiety

Leaving your pet for any period of time can be stressful for you and the pet. If your dog feels stressed out when you’re leaving him or her, then something must be done. Most likely, the thought of your pet having anxiety gives you anxiety. Make sure you check out these tips to help your pet deal with separation anxiety.

Calming Supplements

One thing you might realize is that your dog just needs a little extra help with its separation anxiety. With a simple calming supplement, this could be a trick to helping your dog overcome the anxiety that they feel when you leave. Sometimes CBD oil for dogs is a major help!

Leave Out Clothes That Smell Like You

If you think about it, your dog is around you all the time. One way you can keep your pet calm when they have separation anxiety is to leave out clothes that smell like you. Clothes that smell like you let them feel like you’re close.

Let Your Pet Have a Favorite Toy or Blanket

We all need something to snuggle with when we feel alone or sad. When your pet feels alone or like you’ve left them, they need a reminder that you’re going to be back. By giving them a favorite toy or blanket you’re helping meet a need. You’re showing them how to comfort themselves.

Don’t Make it a Big Deal When You Leave

If your pet struggles with you leaving, don’t make it a big deal. When you act like it’s a big deal, they’re going to be more dramatic about it. Try to ignore your pet when you’re leaving and when you get home, so you don’t make a scene. If your pet notices you’re gone, they’ll have tools there to help them make it through.

Slowly Get Him Used to It

If your dog just isn’t getting used to the fact that you will be gone for a while, you have to start small. Start leaving your dog in small increments and then work your way up. Your dog will slowly get used to you being gone. This may take a short time period or it may take a while. Just try and be patient with your dog and trust the process.

Leave the Television On

Some dogs just need a little bit of noise to help them out, while you’re gone. Leave the television on, so your dog has something to listen to while you’re out and about. Some dogs are at home for an incredibly long time by themselves. Having the TV on helps them to hear sound and it may make them think that someone is there with them.

Don’t get frustrated with your four-legged friend. Dealing with anxiety is no fun, but you have the right tools to help you out. How do you keep your pet calm when they have separation anxiety?

Photo Credits: Wills M from Pexels, Tranmautritam from Pexels

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