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How to Look and Be At Your Best on a Winter Sun Vacation

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

There are plenty of people who talk about all the beauty and magic of the winter season, and for sure, there are aspects of the chillier months that we enjoy. But let’s be real here for a moment: the vast majority of people much prefer the spring and summer, when life is oh so good. We can make the best of fall and winter, but we’re not thriving in the way we do from March through to September. One way to give yourself a dose of the good life when times are cold is to take a winter sun vacation. Heading to warmer climates for a week or two can give us the reset that we need to ride out the cold weather. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few ways how you can look and feel your best when you’re away.

Hit the Gym

Your preparation for looking at your best begins before you hit the airport. It’s likely that you’ll be slightly out of shape, since it has been a while since summer was here and we’ve all been eating those warming comfort foods! In the weeks running up to your trip, look at spending some time in the gym. It’ll help to tone your body and get you ready for those many hours on the beach that you’ll enjoy.

The Sun-Kissed Look

One of the best things about visiting a hot destination during the winter is that we get to enjoy the sunshine again. Fantastic! But this can lead to some issues. Since you’ll only have had limited sun exposure in recent months, you’ll need to introduce your skin to the sun’s rays slowly. Start small, and be sure to wear sun lotion. After a couple of days, you can begin your tanning routine. Be sure to take some after tanning lotion with you, too — it’ll help you to keep your tan for longer, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the sun-kissed look even when you’re back in the chill of winter.

Summer Clothes

Going on a winter vacation is the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe! You’ll likely have bought some summer clothes earlier this year, but they’ll have received plenty of airtime over the warm months. Pick up a couple of items so you can step out feeling renewed and refreshed, which is what the sunny weather should be all about.

Limit the Late Nights

It’s easy to get carried away with excitement when you’re away, but if you’re going to look and feel your best, then you’ll need to have a little bit of self-control. Avoid staying up too late, and make sure that you’re getting a full night of rest under your belt. Don’t forget that alcohol compromises the quality of your sleep, so keep your intake to a minimum. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and looking great — the perfect way to start a day of exploration and fun. 

After you’ve taken these tips, all that’s left to do is to have fun!

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