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How to Look Fashionable on the Family Beach Holiday This Summer

Photo by Jess Loiterton

Are you in the process of organizing the yearly family beach holiday? Is everyone excited about the thought of enjoying the surf and sand and all the activities that go along with it? While there is no doubt lots on your plate, why not give thought to the clothing you’re packing for the family? Here are some great ways that everyone can look fashionable on the beach this summer.

Sun Protection Can Be Fashionable

Because one of the main concerns while on the beach is sun protection, why not find ways to make sun protection a fashion statement? Sunscreen lotion or spray should always be the first step, but from there you can choose clothing that helps to protect you. Many pieces nowadays have built-in protection, and at the very least they can help shield the rays.

Key pieces for all include:

  • Rash vests with UPF
  • Sunhat or baseball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Densely woven cloth items
  • Cover-ups

Should anyone end up getting too much sun, you want to be sure they have pieces that can be layered to cover up those sensitive spots.

New Bathing Suits for All

Your beach holiday wardrobe is made up of many pieces but one item that the whole family has in common is bathing suits. This will likely be your most-worn piece of clothing while at the beach, so why not get everyone a new stylish suit to show off? 

These designer men’s swim shorts available through Orlebar Brown embrace some of the hottest trends this summer. Simply choose your length and then scroll through the many patterns, prints and fabrics. Each pair is high quality so you know they will hold up for many beach holidays to come.

If you want to appear like the family is put together, you can take it a step further and purchase coordinating swimsuits for all.

How About Trendy Footwear?

Let’s not forget the footwear that you plan on packing for the beach holiday. For the kids, you’ll probably want to keep it simple with sandals that can be used on the beach and at the hotel or resort. If you plan on doing activities or exploring, then a pair of lightweight sneakers would also be wise. Opt for a pair that will be breathable, such as canvas.

Adults will likely want a pair of sandals that are beach and daytime casual appropriate, as well as shoes comfortable for walking and exploring. You then need something dressier for evenings if you plan on going out.

Because shoes can be bulky and heavy in your luggage, always be mindful of the space they will take up. Anytime you can choose a lightweight option, do so. There are also creative ways to pack footwear that offer space savings.

Using these tips will ensure that you and your family look trendy while on your beach holiday this summer. It will appear as though you’ve just stepped out of the fashion magazines.

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