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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

With the global pandemic still impacting upon our lives, this year you may decide to stay at home rather than go traveling. It’s no wonder then that during 2020, the sales of garden essentials and furniture hit an all-time high. No matter what outdoor space you have, this post is about helping you make the most of it. Let’s get into how you can make the most of your outdoor space this summer.

Understand your location

 Understanding when and where your outdoor space gets the sun is important as this will impact what plants you use and where you will locate them. Also, having an outdoor furniture set placed in the correct location will ensure you can make the most of the sunshine. If you place it in a sunny spot, you will want to ensure you are able to also sit in the shade when the rays get too hot.

Understand your needs

 Before you begin making changes to your outdoor space, sit down and write out what you want it for. Is it to entertain guests, is it a place where you can sit with your new summer outfits and relax with a glass of wine on your own, or is it a place where your family can enjoy? All of these things will impact what you do with that space. Making a list of your needs will help you design an outdoor space that you can use and will also assist you in what items you need to purchase.  

Understand growing conditions

Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers, understanding your soil and growing conditions will ensure your garden continues to bloom. Visiting a garden center or researching online will help you make the right choice when it comes to flowers and vegetable growing. 

Make Use of All Spaces

No matter the size of your outdoor space, make the most of it by using some simple techniques such as growing up walls by using climbing plants. Hang pots from structures containing tumbling tomatoes or herbs. These are all great to have fresh produce just outside your door. 

Use pots 

If you don’t wish to plant in the ground, you can use plant pots for growing as well as adding some color to your outdoor space. Pots are great as you can get them in so many colors and sizes and you can move them about to ensure they are in a space where they make the biggest impact. Buying pre-loved pots is a great idea if you wish to 

Add lighting

 When the sun sets, adding twinkly lights to your outdoor space gives your outdoor space another feel. It ensures you can continue to use the space for longer and there is nothing like seeing all those lights twinkle in the evening! Add lighting to wherever you can, there is so much choice out there from battery operated to solar-powered lights. This ensures you can get as much flexibility with where to place the lights in your outdoor space.


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