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How to Prepare for an Upcoming Parents-Only Vacation

As wonderful as family time is, parents sometimes need to get away for a trip. Preparing, however, can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few tips for planning your parents-only trip so you can make the most of your time away.

Find Caretakers

Perhaps the biggest challenge in preparing for your trip is making sure the kids are taken care of. If you have grandparents nearby, they might enjoy spending some time with your kids. Aunts and uncles can be great hosts as well, or you can find a family friend. You can also consider trading childcare duties with other parents if you’re willing to look after their kids in the future.

Prepare Important Documents

Before departing, make sure to leave behind a list of contacts and phone numbers. Those caring for your children should know which doctors and dentists they see, and they should have phone numbers for family and trusted friends. Make sure any food preferences or allergy information is accessible as well. If your children are staying out of town, you might want to find nearby walk-in clinics and write down relevant contact information.


Before packing, make sure to find out what the expected weather conditions are. Feel free to bring out clothing you might not feel comfortable wearing around the children. For example, mom might want to pack a cheeky one piece swimsuit if heading to the beach. Parents-only vacations are a time to feel like an adult again, so pack unique and interesting attire you haven’t worn in a while.

Research Ahead of Time

When you’re away, you’ll want to maximize your vacation time. Check out the hotel you’re staying in, and find out what restaurants and other activities are around. If you’re interested in particular destinations and unique experiences, find out what the hours are and if you can save by purchasing a ticket in advance. Of course, you’ll probably want to spend some time relaxing, so make sure to budget beach time or other relaxing outdoor activities.

Prepare Your Children

Your kids may need some time to prepare for being away from their parents. Make sure your kids know they’re also going on vacation; kids will look forward to time with their grandparents or friends if you present it as a fun trip. You might also want to schedule some time for calling and speaking with your children. If you don’t currently use video calling software, you might want to try it out as your kids might feel better if they can see your faces on occasion.

Help Your Children Pack

Even if your children are having a wonderful time during the day, they might feel a bit homesick on occasion. Make sure to pack up their favorite stuffed animals and other reminders of home. Share their favorite videos,  and songs with their caretakers so they can maintain a better sense of normalcy. There may be some tears along the way, but letting your kids get out of the house can help them build a sense of independence.

Parents need breaks, and spending some time away from the kids helps you recharge. However, procrastination when planning for your vacation can lead to disruptions. By planning ahead of time and making a checklist, you can make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible.

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