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How to Pull Off a Surprise Party in 5 Steps

Let’s be real. Pulling off a surprise party is not an easy task to conquer especially when you are focused on work, school, taking care of yourself, keeping up with your family, and all life’s other curveballs that are thrown your way. But, it is an accomplishment that will leave you feeling good because you have made someone feel extremely special. So, how is it possible to pull off the surprise without the guest of honor knowing? What should you do to ensure they are truly, 100% in shock upon arrival? Well, we have a few tried and true tips to help you make this party a success.

Secure a location

One of the first steps you need to figure out for the big moment is where the party will be taking place. You want to make sure you find a place that is big enough to accommodate your group, has the amenities you are planning for, space for the gifts, and is a place that feels natural to invite the special guest to. You want to double-check to make sure there is a space for guests to gather, prepare with noisemakers, and hide, and that there is an easy way for the guest of honor to walk in and be welcomed to their party. Know that some spaces may work better for different types of parties. Go with your gut and pick the one that suits the guest of honor best.

Have sweet treats ready to go

We know that the guest of honor is the one that should be enjoying the sweet treats first, but it is a good idea to have a few yummy goodies ready to go for the guests to munch on while they wait. Having a cookie bouquet available for the other guests to enjoy until the special guest arrives will help to keep everyone occupied and on task. This may not seem vital now, but when you are running around placing the final touches, you want to make sure the guests are ready to go.

Get your friends on board

Alright, speaking of those guests you need to occupy, it is time to think about who you want to be a part of the special day, and more importantly who would the guest of honor want to spend their day with. If you have a close friend that doesn’t spend too much time with the person you are surprising, they might not be the first person you should be putting on the invite list. Really take a step back and think about the guest list from their eyes. You also want to consider who is capable of keeping a secret. If a close friend isn’t the best at keeping information to themselves, think about telling them a little more last minute. This will give you the best shot at keeping the surprise a surprise, but still having important people there to celebrate.

Come up with a good excuse to see them

Part of keeping the surprise genuine and true is trying your best to make this plan sound as natural as you can, but still catering to the needs of the party. If you are planning for everyone to dress formally, make sure the fake invite you extend to the guest of honor plays into the dress code and vibes of the evening you actually have planned.

Be ready for an early arrival

There is nothing worse than thinking you have succeeded in the surprise and having it be foiled by a few minutes due to early arrival. If necessary, tell the rest of the guests a much earlier time, that way none of them are late and you are clear and ready to go in case of early arrival.

We hope your party is a surprising success. Good luck and enjoy.

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