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How To Remodel Your Home When You Have Kids

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Families love each other, but they can also get under each other’s feet at times. This sentiment is particularly poignant when it is time to remodel the home.

Unfortunately, some children grow up to resent how their mums or dads parented them, and family strife is not uncommon. When a big house project is underway, these kinds of issues can be turned up to a higher degree of fragility, with each family member being slightly more prone to fits of rage or stunted degrees of patience. 

Still, everyone needs to pull together – even the kids. But how can you get them on your side? Keep reading to find out how to better your chances here. 

Serve Up Notice

Many family arguments can be avoided by a simple piece of advanced notice. Once everyone is on the same page, fewer spats will occur. 

Once you and your partner have decided on the course of action with your remodeling, assemble the kids in any of your communal areas for a family meeting. Sit them down, discuss your plans sensitivity, and work to find some common ground. There is a right and wrong way to interact with your kids, so kindness should be your primary tool in this situation. 

This is less about exercising your authority over them, and more about bringing them into the fold. If you drop something so big on them at the eleventh hour, they will understandably be upset at all the unexpected disruption. However, giving them time to get used to the idea, and emotionally prepare for the all the changes about to occur, might just help smooth things over. 

Hire the Best

When home remodels are underway in a family-filled home, all tasks need to be performed quickly, cleanly, and to a flawless degree. You can only do that with the best homebuilders in the business. 

This is not just about hiring the best for bragging rights. Practically speaking, the best homebuilders will perform everything to an immaculate standard in the fastest times possible. That means you will not need to recall workers to fix shoddy work or worry about them leaving behind a hazardous mess. Many worries, and potential crises with kids, can be avoided in this simple step. 

Visit for access to the experts who can professionally handle every aspect of your remodelling project. They will upgrade your home to an incredible standard, and not consider their work completed until you are fully satisfied. With over 50 years of experience in Cape Coral, they have a partnership approach with each of their clients for the sake of efficiency. If you do not have access to these services in your area, then look for one just like them. That way, you do not need to worry about recurring disruptions to your kid’s lives. 

Involve (and Supervise) the Kids

Many kids like to feel respected by their parents, and some even love DIY projects of their very own. While it is important to not treat them as equals in their earlier years, allowing them to get involved in some capacity could work wonders for your familial relationships.

Housework can be a bonding experience, whether its chores or a full-scale remodel. If you clue them in on some level, they can interpret this as a sign of appreciation. You could ask for their opinions on matters, such as what to do with each room, or what color schemes should come into play. Some painting work may even be safe for them to do also, enabling them to put their own stamp on things. 

The smaller tasks can be fun for them, and time saving for you. If you do not like their work, you can subtly change or paint over it when they are not looking or elsewhere. Ultimately, the home is a place you all share, so involving them in some capacity can be a positive step in your dynamics. 

Go Bananas

There could be an opportunity to vent some feelings before the remodeling is fully underway. Kids need an outlet sometimes to work through a few issues – as do their parents! 

If parts of your house are about to be broken down or reworked into something else, then what is already there is yours and the kids to do with as you please. You can make a mess of rooms that are booked to be overhauled, tear and break things (sensibly) that are scheduled to be scrapped, and overhaul just make an almighty scene of utter carnage. 

This tip admittedly might not be to everyone’s taste. Still, if there are fond areas you are due to say farewell to or change forever, a proper and dramatic send-off could be just the thing to wrap things up nicely. The changing of your family home represents growth, and each alteration is a milestone. Let your kids say goodbye to these spaces in any way that they (reasonably) see fit (with your supervision).

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