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How To Restore Your Confidence When It’s Low

Photo by Joshua Mcknight from Pexels

When you have the chance to do so, it’s important to kindle and curate your confidence levels. Why is this? Well, you cannot rely on confidence being 100% at all times. If you begin to believe that, life has a way of knocking it out of you. 

That’s okay. It’s not about going through life with nothing but complete and total strength and never being vulnerable. It’s much better to know how to build your confidence back up rather than never losing it.

But how can you restore your confidence when it’s low? Is it something you can throw money at? Is it a set of guidelines that can be employed each and every time? And what level of confidence is normal? After all, it’s not altogether a lack of character you have when walking into a new situation and feeling a little apprehensive. Sometimes, a little bit of humility is actually great for you and your social connections.

So, if we’re to give advice, it must be concrete, yet also applicable to your own life. Let’s discuss what that may look like:

Address The Problem

It’s important to address the problem and try to move forward in fixing it. This can be a difficult measure to take. It’s not as if you can ‘fix’ being insulted, but you might be able to fix your social situation, with friends who are all-too-happy to bring you down. Maybe you feel as though your wardrobe makes you feel unhappy, and so purchasing new clothes can help you open up and feel better about yourself. No matter if you wish for a facelift, excess skin surgery after losing great amounts of weight, or you simply want to find your confidence anew by taking up a new skill – your approach is valid.

Do Things That Make You Feel Powerful

Do things that make you feel powerful. This doesn’t necessarily mean fighting all of your enemies and being forceful. Sometimes, it means telling your colleague that you need them to be a little more courteous, because their rudeness is ruining your relationship. It might be that your boyfriend is moving the relationship too quickly, and you wish to tell them that. Confidence, and the willingness to express it, will help you feel your most authentic and powerful self.

Understand Your Worth

It’s also important to understand your worth going forward. It will help you feel more ‘yourself,’ and it will also help you avoid sheltering in place and feeling worried to take a step out. What if you want to learn Spanish? Well, you’ve never tried to learn a language before. Maybe you’re not ‘that type’ of person. But who says you’re not? Why not just attend? Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself. Maybe you’ll move forward and feel better about it. Maybe this confidence will expand to a new direction. Don’t discount these consequences, they can lead to positive directions almost all the time. That’s a great place to start.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily restore your confidence when it’s low – time and time again.

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