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How to Show Appreciation to Employees

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Businesses gain a lot from protecting employee morale. From increased attendance to better retention company-wide, the simple act of showing the team they are appreciated goes a long way. What are the best ways for management and leaders to show that hard work on the ground matters? Fortunately, there are lots of ways this can be put into action. 

Team Rewards

When a team has a particularly great week, management can show them that all of their contributions are seen, heard, and valued by presenting gifts and rewards. There is always room in the budget for awards and celebrations, and there are accessible ways to make it happen too. For example, a company can buy Ubereats gift cards in bulk and hand them out as an incentive to boost motivation and show a team that their input is noticed. 

Don’t Leave Things Unsaid

It is all too easy to let things slip by while running a busy company. The demands of management are well-known, and there is always something to add to the daily agenda. However, one area where things cannot be left unsaid is when a team member does something well or performs above and beyond their role. When someone does something well, and they don’t receive the appropriate appreciation or notice, they are far less likely to do it again. So, by simply not acknowledging achievements, management runs the risk of decreasing individual productivity and motivation to perform well. 

Respect Their Downtime

Everyone needs a balance between their work life and their recreational time. The struggle becomes more apparent when a company fails to respect time off like holiday days and instead expects employees to carry on without taking a break. Showing appreciation goes beyond saying ‘well done’ every now and then, it has to also translate into respect. This can be a proactive process where team members are encouraged to take their entitlements and get that well-deserved downtime. 

Thank Them

Small things can move mountains, and saying thank you is certainly one of those things. Employees are human, after all, and being human means there is an innate desire to be recognized and appreciated. It doesn’t always have to be a big show, cake, and balloons; just saying thank you at the end of a shift will raise morale in more ways than you think. 

Post on Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest tools in business. It can, and should, be used to post appreciation sentiments for employees whenever the mood strikes. If someone has a great week, share it you’re your customers. It will boost your reputation because you are making yourself a company that cares about the people within, and it can be a nice way to represent all of the wonderful achievements too. Employees will be able to share it on their personal page, if they so wish, and get a natural boost from being put in the spotlight. Just make sure you have their consent first!

Showing appreciation to employees is a simple task, but an effective one. When it is kept as a core focus, general positivity will be increased, and everyone will have a better time at work. 

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