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How To Spend More Valuable Time With Your Kids: The Home Edition

Modern life is very fast-paced. So, millions of parents find themselves feeling guilty about a perceived lack of quality family time. While you are far from alone in this situation, it does not alter the fact that you’ll be keen to improve things.

A conscious effort to enjoy more family days together is a great starting point. In reality, though, you will make a far bigger difference by updating your daily life. Given that you spend more time at home than in any other setting, it commands attention. 

Here are some of the best ways you can enjoy more quality time together from the comfort of home.

Turn House Chores Into A Fun Family Activity

OK, so getting your five-year-old to clean the bathroom isn’t happening anytime soon. However, there are still plenty of chores that can be transformed into fun family activities. Cooking together should be at the top of your agenda.

Even treats like cakes will be healthier when made from real ingredients rather than processed store-bought items. A child-friendly knife set can also get them chopping veggies. Aside from teaching valuable life skills, it is a great way for kids to learn about nutrition. 

It may slow the process compared to completing the chores yourself, but the time together will be cherished. Tidying up can be turned into a competitive game by seeing who puts the most things away. Crucially, this is a brilliant way to ease them into responsibilities.

Making TV Time A Family Activity 

TV continues to play a big part in our lives. However, millions of people have seen their viewing habits change significantly over the past 10-20 years. Now is the time to stop watching different screens in different rooms and go back to the old way.

Even if you continue to focus on streaming rather than watching live TV, family-friendly films are the answer. Watching with some freshly made popcorn or snacks is the perfect afternoon or evening activity. It’s affordable, convenient, and brings the family closer together.

If you’re not huge TV fans, video gaming together is a great alternative. From Mario Kart to sports simulators and platformers, there are many family-friendly games. The hand-eye coordination benefits make them a productive form of recreation.

Teach Them How To Play Strategy Games

Playing games together isn’t just about having fun. The right choices should allow you to help your son or daughter learn valuable skills. Problem solving, critical thinking, risk management, and reading body language are some examples.

Tutoring them to play chess is a great option. You can play together against AI opponents, teaching your child the logic behind the moves. In time, they will be ready to play against you or others. The battle of the minds can become an ongoing activity to share.

Various card games and board games can teach similar skills in different ways. A monthly games night can become a family tradition that none of you will ever forget. And the ability to play the games well can follow your child into later life.

Help With Homework

Teaching your child to develop key life skills in a fun way is great. Still, it’s important to give academic work the attention it deserves too. Helping your child with their homework should be seen as an essential part of your home life.

Supporting your child with their homework can make it less daunting, especially if struggling in a subject. It’s also the perfect way for you to monitor progress. If you pick up any issues, you’ll be able to discuss this with their teacher for advice or reassurance.

It also lays the foundation to develop a better relationship with reading to your child. Bedtime stories may seem like an inconvenience when you have other things to do once your child is asleep. But you will miss those moments once they’re no longer there.

Find A Joint Hobby

If you want to spend more time together, it’s vital that you find an activity that’s enjoyed by all. Otherwise, you will soon find that one of you gravitates away from the activity. In turn, you will find yourself reverting back to the old habits you wanted to avoid.

There are plenty of joint hobbies that you could consider. As a parent, you could introduce your child to your love of music. Playing instruments is creative and constructive, helping to develop discipline and patience. The songs you play will hold a special place in your hearts.

Or you could find a joint love of artwork or crafting. If it’s something that you can enjoy from the comfort of home, you’ll have a year-long solution. It should also offer a starting point when looking for potential days out.

Exercise Together

Regular exercise is vital for a child’s physical and mental development. Joining a junior sports team is the perfect outlet for them to grow their skills and play with friends. Even so, there are plenty of opportunities to embrace a little exercise at home.

Young kids often want to be just like mom or dad. So, letting them join your yoga sessions or other home workouts can be a great option. You get to complete your exercise while your child gains the benefits of it too. The fact you’re spending time together is a bonus.

Other options include playing sports together in the garden or training your child in basic self-defense and boxing. Even setting aside half an hour 2-3 times a week can change your lives for the better with almost instant results.

Reduce Social Media Time

Many parents feel guilty about physically being at home but mentally unavailable. The harsh reality is that you can’t remove responsibilities like house chores and work. However, you can claw back valuable time by reducing your social media usage.

There is nothing wrong with using Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Still, the average person spends over 2 hours and 20 minutes on social media daily. Cutting yours to 30 minutes would suddenly give you an extra 110 minutes daily.

Whether that time is spent playing with the kids or doing chores, thus freeing up time at other times is up to you. Either way, a healthier relationship with social media is as beneficial for you as it is for them. Not least because it’ll end inferiority complexes.

Consider Getting A Pet

Adopting a pet is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Nevertheless, there can be no denying that the new family member will give you an outlet to share your love. Meanwhile, dog walks ensure that you’ll spend quality time together outside the home too.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, or tortoise is a personal preference. Ultimately, though, sharing the workload of caring for the pet will provide cherished moments. Likewise, playing games and seeing the animal grow is sure to have a truly positive impact.

Of course, it’s necessary to consider whether you are able to take care of the pet properly. If the home is unsuitable or your work schedule makes things difficult, you may want to look at other ideas. Or choose pets, like fish, that require minimal attention.

When you want to spend more precious time with your child, the key is to make a conscious change today. Seemingly small changes can completely change your home routines for the better. Better still, once you see the positive results in action, you’ll feel inspired to keep it up and introduce more. The road to a better family future starts now.

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