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How to Start Saving for That Dream Family Vacation

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

Family vacations really are something special. They’re a time for making memories that can stay with us forever, shape our future, and give us a lifetime of great stories to tell at every birthday and holiday party. But they can also be costly and seriously drain our savings. While we all want to take that magical family trip together, it can start to look more like a pipedream when you begin adding all the costs up. However, it is possible to have that dream vacation you’ve been waiting for, by saving smart.

Here are some simple ways that you can start to put aside a little extra towards that amazing trip of a lifetime.

Look at your budget and set a goal

The first place to start when planning to save for a vacation is doing your research and setting a clear goal in mind. This means working out where you want to go, what activities you might want to take part in, the type of accommodation you’re looking for, how you’re going to get around, and every other important detail. Doing this will help you to work out a realistic budget and know how much you can expect to spend, which will give you a goal to save for. Having this in mind can be a great motivator and help the whole family get involved in saving up together.

List unnecessary expenses and cut back

The inevitable part of saving is having to cut back on what you’re currently spending, but that doesn’t have to be as painful as you might think. Take a closer look at your family’s current expenses, and try to identify any areas where you might be spending on things you don’t really want or need. This might include paying for extra sports clubs or classes that your kids don’t really want to participate in or a gym membership that isn’t being used. Trimming off those additional charges can soon add up to some serious savings, and get you on your way to achieving that dream vacation.

Shop smarter

Another helpful way of putting aside some extra cash for your vacation is by learning how you can save a little extra on what you do spend. Look out for useful promotions and deals when shopping for groceries, and check out Ulta coupon for vouchers on many everyday items. To help you work towards your goal, you might want to put away the money that you do save on your shopping towards your trip fund.

Keep your vacation savings separate

When you’re saving up towards a major goal such as a family vacation, seeing the numbers start to add up over time can really help to build the excitement. Rather than trying to keep your vacation fund part of your overall savings, track your course separately. You can do this by creating an easy wall chart or a savings thermometer that’s kept in a prominent space at home. Encourage everyone in the family to mark off milestones along the way as you work towards your exciting goal. Once you get there, make sure to celebrate!

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