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How to Stay Organized into the New Year

Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

As the holidays draw near, things can get a little bit hectic. Your predictable routine may be disrupted by festive activities and holiday commitments, and your formerly-organized calendar may be stuffed with to-dos. Staying organized as you transition into the New Year starts with making a plan—and we’ve got your back! 

By adopting a few simple tips, you can stay on top of your busy schedule and start the New Year off with an organized life. Take a deep breath, grab a coffee, and let’s get started. 

Use a Planner

Staying organized begins with your all-mighty planner. An orderly planner includes your calendar and daily to-do lists, so everything is consolidated in the same place. Keep track of birthdays, holidays, and dentist appointments without worrying about double-booking yourself or missing a meeting. 

To transition smoothly into the New Year, designate time to transfer your current schedule into your new planner. Do this several weeks in advance, so you’re ready to hit the ground running on January first. 

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Now that your to-dos are organized, it’s time to consider your bigger organization goals. Maybe you’re thinking of finally decluttering your closet or labeling the items in your pantry. Although the upcoming New Year may inspire you to tackle all your goals at once, it’s important to take it one step at a time. 

Being overly-ambitious can lead to burnout and frustration. 

As the holidays wind down, it’s helpful to pace yourself so you can sustain your organization habits and maintain a balanced lifestyle. For days when you need extra focus and relaxation, try incorporating a calming CBD supplement into your routine. CBD vape kits provide you with high-quality CBD oil to help you unwind and let go of post-holiday stress. 


Daydreaming about Pinterest-worthy pantries? Staying organized includes having a well-ordered home. The first step? Eliminate all that clutter! After the holidays, you may be overwhelmed with decorations and supplies, and it can be tempting to throw it all in a storage bin.

But the secret to decluttering is to take it slow:

  • Create Piles – Divide your items into a “keep,” “donate,” and “discard” pile. This way, you have a visual of what you’re keeping and what you’re passing along.

  • Get Rid of Duplicates – No one needs five spatulas or three different Christmas tree toppers. If you have duplicate items you don’t use, pare down your collection and donate the extras.

  • If It’s Broken, Don’t Fix It – Okay, okay, a small percentage of handy folks out there might have the patience to mend a ripped sweater or reconfigure a broken lamp. But the truth is, broken items often sit around creating clutter for months (or years) and never get fixed. It’s time to bid these items adieu. 


Once you’ve created space and refined your items, it’s time to put everything back in an orderly fashion. Our biggest tip? Give everything a home. It’s easy to stay organized when you know where everything goes. Designate a specific basket for mittens and hats, buy a box for ornament storage, and place holiday cards in a special file.  

Part of maintaining an organization system is creating easy access to the items you use most often. If it’s easy to take out and put away, it’s easy to keep things tidy.

You Don’t Need to Do it Alone

Maintaining an organized life is an ongoing task. Don’t be afraid to get family members or roommates involved to lighten the load. After all, they’re part of the household too! With the whole household on board, you won’t feel as overwhelmed.

Staying organized is a marathon, not a sprint, and the best results stem from creating consistent habits. With a little focus and dedication, your organization dreams will soon come true!

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