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How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble When You Travel

Photo by Darren Lawrence

Going on vacation is an exciting time, but things don’t always go to plan and you could find yourself in a spot of trouble with the local authorities through a simple misunderstanding. Keep your vacation stress free by following these tips. 

Don’t assume

Whether you’re flying across the world or traveling to the next state, don’t assume that something is legal just because it is where you live. For example, cannabis is currently legal in 38 states, but the rules differ between them. Some have legalized it almost entirely and others only allow it for medical use with a prescription from your doctor. Check before you cross state lines and use a reputable delivery service such as that from to make sure you’re within the law for that state. 

Read up on culture

Different countries and religions have very different rules. This can incorporate anything from alcohol to clothing. Even if you do not directly break a law, it could cause issues with local people which could develop into something more serious. 

Recently, a lot of popular Mediterranean resorts have introduced laws in order to reduce the amount of anti-social behavior from tourists. In places like Spain, these new laws now prohibit drinking in certain areas, dress codes, and the number of alcoholic drinks included in an ‘all inclusive’ holiday package.  

Don’t take risks

When you’re enjoying your vacations, don’t engage in any risky behavior, no matter how common it might be. Don’t buy drugs or alcohol from people on the street, stay away from counterfeit designer items, and don’t get so drunk you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Check your medication

Pills that are freely available at pharmacies where you live, could be a prohibited substance in the country you’re traveling to. If you’re planning on taking any medication with you, check on the laws in the country you’re traveling to and any other countries you’re passing through on the way. If your medication is prescribed by a doctor and is necessary, then you may be able to get a certified letter from your doctor that you can show at the airport if you are asked about them. 

Be particularly careful with any medications containing opioids, amphetamines, or tranquilizers. 

Travel insurance

If you were arrested or detained in a foreign country, what would you do? Unless you can get in contact with a consulate immediately, you would have to deal with it yourself. Buying comprehensive travel insurance will give you some legal cover so that you have access to professional advice and are financially protected too. This could include providing additional accommodation and food if you are forced to miss your flights because you are required to stay. 

Final thoughts 

Don’t let your holiday end in disaster. Every year, tourists are arrested in other countries due to misunderstandings. Reduce the chances of this happening by heeding our advice.

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