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How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Our skin is susceptible to changes in the environment. This means that when summer transitions to autumn and then autumn to winter, our skin may respond to the temperature shift, and frequently in a negative way. Not only that, but it is usually windier in the winter, which will have an impact on our skin, and we will turn on the heating in our homes, workplaces, cars, and public transportation. This might make us feel more at ease and comfortable in the colder weather, but it is not healthy for our skin. Keep reading to learn how to care for your skin in the winter; it’s not as difficult as you might imagine.  

Organize Your Skincare

Layering is a smart idea in the winter; after all, wearing clothes in layers helps to keep us warm. So why not apply the same logic to your skincare? Your layering system should include: 

  • Cleanser 
  • Toner 
  • Serum 
  • Oil 
  • Cream 
  • Balm

Use a little bit of each to give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. After that, do your makeup as usual. If you’re unsure how much of each product to use, start with a small amount and add more as needed. 

Do Not Over-Clean

If you wash too often, you will remove all of your skin’s natural moisture, which is not a healthy thing to do at this time of year. Your skin needs moisture to be healthy and to avoid feeling dry – even painful – in cold weather.

Some cleansers are rougher than others, and you should save the harsher kinds exclusively for the summer months, and only if your skin isn’t sensitive and can therefore take what you’re giving it. Check the labeling to ensure you’re getting something appropriate for the season and your skin type. You can even learn how to make your own DIY oil cleanser to protect your skin still further.  

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating is necessary all year, and it is especially important in the winter. Exfoliate your face and body to eliminate dead skin cells and maintain a healthy appearance.

Although scrubs are often used for exfoliation, they are not as efficient as topical exfoliants, which are typically liquid in nature. Whatever you choose, make sure it is acidic enough; the skin’s pH is acidic, therefore the best products will be acidic as well.

Keep in mind, though, that skin may be sensitive, and if this is the case for you, avoid acidic products in favor of gentler, more natural alternatives. The outcome may not be as effective, but it will not harm your skin, so it could be the only option.

Do Not Have Hot Showers

Isn’t it wonderful to go into a scorching shower when it’s chilly outside? It provides you with a comfortable sensation and allows you to warm up rapidly. Everyone enjoys that. However, you may not want to do that anymore when you realize it’s harmful to your skin, and although it may feel wonderful in the moment, the ultimate consequence is dry, cracked skin.

It is much better to take a warm shower rather than a hot one. You’ll quickly warm-up, but you won’t risk any skin harm.

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