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How to Take Care of Your Spring Garden

Spring has well and truly sprung and, for many of us, that means that the warmer weather is finally on the horizon. Spring also heralds some beautiful plants and flowers, which is ideal for the gardeners among us.

Ideally, most people start working on their garden before spring, but there’s still plenty that you can do to improve and care for your beautiful garden. Here are some tips to keep your garden looking stunning and some ideas to make it even more colorful. 

Tidy Up

Now that the weather is milder, it’s time to sort out your garden if you haven’t done so already. Take this opportunity to get rid of any dead growth and other debris. Dig your soil over to make sure that it’s available for planting. 

If you have a greenhouse, then this is a good opportunity to clean it out and wash it down. If the glass panels in your greenhouse are covered in dirt, then they won’t let in as much light. A messy greenhouse also provides plenty of areas for pests and disease to thrive. While you’re cleaning away the grime, check your greenhouse for any damage that a harsh winter may have inflicted. 

Plan Your Planting

The best time to start germinating some of your plants is during February and March. At that time of year, it’s still too cold for seeds and seedlings to survive outside, so many gardeners choose to germinate their seeds inside where it’s warm so that they can plant them when the weather is kinder and the plants are strong enough to survive. 

But that doesn’t mean that April is too late to start planning and planting. Many plants do better when they’re planted later on. You can sow your flowers inside during April so that they’re ready for a spectacular bloom when summer comes around. 

If you enjoy planting fruit, vegetables, and herbs, then April is a great time to get your crop started. Check out a planting guide to help you to know what plants you can sow during this month. If you live in the USA, the guide will also take into consideration where you live. 

Collecting Rainwater

In many areas, spring is infamous for a great deal of rainfall. However, this rain can be very useful in the summer. Consider installing water butts so that you can collect and store this rainwater, allowing your plants to stay more hydrated during summer. 

Pest Control

Unfortunately, spring is also the time when garden pests will wake up and start causing trouble. From insects to larger critters, it’s best to clear away these pests as soon as possible. Otherwise, they may eat your plants before they have a chance to thrive and could even be dangerous. 

If you have a compost bin, then that may also attract pests. Check it regularly and make sure that it’s sealed so that rodents don’t move in. If your compost bin has an opening at the bottom, then some wire mesh will stop them from getting inside.;tid=1;dt=6;

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