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How To Transform The Garden Into A Tropical Paradise

It’s sad to admit it but not everyone has a garden space that they love spending time in. In fact, some avoid spending any time in the garden at all due to the fact they’re not willing to invest the time to transform it into something liveable.

However, the backyard can become a tropical paradise with just a few additions and changes made to the space. As an extension of the home, this should be another part of the property to take full advantage of. With that being said, here are a few additions to add to the space in order to transform it into an oasis for all the family to enjoy.

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Install palm trees

Palm trees are an important one because when we think of a tropical paradise, many of us will often associate palm trees with being part of that image. They’re often on postcards and therefore when it comes to installing any trees in the outdoor space, what about palm trees?

Of course, it might not be the best solution depending on the area of the world a person lives in, but it could be suitable for some garden areas.

Think about using palm trees in the backyard and ask local services to help source the right ones that are going to survive and thrive within the outdoor setting created. Palm trees make for a great setup for a swinging hammock too. Just think of all the lazy weekends and afternoons spent lying on a hammock with a good book in hand?

Incorporate some exotic plants and flowers

To help create that tropical vibe, it’s often useful to incorporate the right types of plants and flowers. Where possible, try to seek out some of the more exotic plants and flowers that perhaps you’ve not come across yourself before. 

This is a great way of helping transform the space and to create a calming environment that feels like you’ve stepped into a spa retreat.

Be wary of what plants and flowers you bring into the space, especially when it comes to having small children and pets. Not all plants are going to be safe for these little ones, so it’s important to pick exotic plants but ones that are safe for those who require the backyard to be so.

Add water features

Water features are a wonderful addition to add to the garden space, especially when it comes to creating that tropical paradise ambiance that’s desired.

It’s not all about the big fancy features either. Incorporating some smaller water features may be more than enough to add a spa-like feel to the outdoor space. Those that are trickling down rocks, for example, are a great way of adding that relaxed vibe to the outdoor area.

Look for budget-friendly options if you’re on a budget and for those wanting to splurge a little more, there are some more extravagant options to choose from.

Water features are a positive mood booster to the space and can be just what an outdoor space needs to help bring the backyard to life. It also is a great way of encouraging nature to the doorstep too. When going out into the backyard, you may find a whole host of wildlife now exploring the space.

Invest in some outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is a worthwhile investment that can help make the garden a lot more inviting as a result. No one wants to be sitting on damp grass or perched on the edge of a bit of decking. That’s not comfortable.

Instead, look at furnishing the space with some outdoor furniture. From plump cushions on rattan couches to dining tables with enough chairs to fit around the whole household, these are all additions that can be made to the garden space.

Put in some warm lighting

Warm lighting is a great addition to any space in and around the home. When it comes to adding lighting, think about some warm fairy lights in the exterior space, rather than going for anything that’s harsh white and clinical.

By adding just a few spots of light around the space, it transforms the exterior into a magical spot that will be more inviting even on those colder days. Fairy lights in particular are also cheap and cheerful.

Transform the backyard into a tropical oasis

For those looking to spend more time in the garden, take a look at implementing some of these top tips for the outdoor space. It’ll make all the difference in how the household sees and utilizes the area.

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