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How to Travel on a Budget

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Numerous studies have shown that when it comes to seeing the world, the number one factor that tends to hold people back is budget. There seems to be a common misconception that it costs a lot to see the world, especially if you are traveling long distances and plan to be on the move for an extended period of time. While global travel can, of course, be expensive, that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be. If you’re smart about the approach to traveling that you take, you can easily see the world on a smaller budget. If you’re keen to learn more about budget-friendly traveling, have a read of the guide below.

Work as you travel 

An excellent option for making traveling the world more budget-friendly is to work as you travel. There are various ways that you can do this: you could opt to join a cruise ship and work onboard, you could work as a holiday rep in a holiday resort, you could work in retail or hospitality, or you could opt to continue to work on a freelance basis as you travel (perhaps as a writer or photographer). 

There are a lot of options to consider, so it’s crucial to think about which would work best for you. If you are someone who wants to travel here, there and everywhere, then a cruise ship could be a good option. Or if you have already got an idea of a number of exact destinations you want to visit, as a result of reading an article on the world’s most incredible destinations with a view, like this one from Cash Lady, then you might want to hop from job to job in bars and restaurants as you travel. 

Be a volunteer 

Have you ever thought about volunteering? A great option for traveling on a small budget is choosing to work as a volunteer. There are several projects abroad, from teaching English to schoolchildren to helping in orangutan orphanages in Borneo and Sumatra, so wherever your interest lies, you’re sure to find a suitable project that meets your interests. If the idea of teaching English appeals to you, you may want to check out the TEFL project. 

When you volunteer, usually all of your food and board costs are covered, plus you may even earn a small wage each week designed to cover any additional expenses that occur during your trip. All you would need to do is cover your travel expenses. Just think you would be seeing the world and doing good at the same time! 

Road trip 

Often, accommodation costs account for some of the highest prices you will come across while traveling. By choosing to travel by road in an RV or motorhome, you can significantly reduce your travel costs, and you can even take your furry friend along with you for the ride, rather than paying for a kennel for the duration of your trip. While you may need to cover campsite costs, you will save a significant amount of money by choosing to road trip as you travel, rather than staying in hotels and hostels.

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