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How to Wear Your Perfume Correctly

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Many people choose to wear a fragrance of some kind for a variety of reasons. Some may have one signature scent they wear all the time, while others might have a few for different occasions – or maybe only one for special events. No matter what you wear and how often you put it on, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most from your fragrance.

To do that, you need to check you’re wearing your perfume the correct way. It’s more than just applying a few sprays as you rush out the door – so here’s what you need to do to make sure your perfume lasts when you put it on.

Just spray it

Misting some scent on your wrists and then pressing them together before doing the same for your neck is an almost unconscious application habit. However, this is bad because the friction that’s created by rubbing your skin will heat it up – which produces natural enzymes that go on to alter the course of the scent.

This will affect the top and middle notes of a fragrance the most. With a floral scent, for instance, the heat will warm up everything, and so the fragrance will lose its crispness. So, it’s best just to spray your wrists lightly, let the liquid sink in and then do nothing.

Use small bottles

Even though it’s precious, you should use your perfume swiftly. This is because oxygen will slowly break down the molecules of your scent, meaning its composition will change. A larger bottle won’t go to waste if you put on perfume every day but, for other instances, then a smaller vessel may be preferred. This is so they can stay fresh for up to three months.

This makes perfume subscriptions from places such as perfect for your fragrance. You can select a scent each month, and the bottle you receive will be large enough for a 30-day supply.

Stay moisturized

This is key to making sure your fragrance lasts longer. This is because well-moisturized skin will slow down the evaporation process and will also allow for your scent to develop its undertones. Some of the best choices you could make for moisturizing your skin include using a scentless oil (e.g. coconut oil) before putting on your perfume, have a warm bath with olive oil in the water, or have a body lotion that’s scented with your fragrance.

Apply before getting dressed

Your body gives off the heat so, when it warms up, your perfume will evaporate and give off its scent. Yet not only do you risk staining your clothes when applying your perfume to them, but you also don’t get the aroma that you should get.

It would be best if you then looked for a way to apply your fragrance to your skin: some may only be able to put it on certain areas, while others may want to use the misting technique. Discovering a comfortable, safe way to put perfume on your skin is essential to having that great aroma for several hours.

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