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How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with Amazon

The enormous popularity of the Amazon marketplace has resulted in many business owners making some pretty serious profits. Also, by using the right tactics you can increase your sales on that marketplace and even win the Buy Box (in some cases). We’ll show you exactly how to do this.

Improve Product Photos

A good image has always been the key factor in marketing a product. With the rise of the internet and online marketplaces, a solid image is an even more important part of branding your products. By adding product photos to your product descriptions, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition and capture more sales.  

Product photos have become vital in helping consumers make buying decisions on sites like Amazon. Just look at how many shoppers abandon their carts because they just don’t see what they want. 

Optimize Your Amazon Product Page for Amazon SEO

The Amazon shop is permanently evolving. It’s going to be increasingly more important to download your Amazon data, study it, and optimize your Amazon product page for Amazon SEO. 

As in fact, you’ll be able to rank your products higher on the Amazon platform and get more targeted traffic from search engines like Google because of the integration of Amazon business and SEO optimization. This allows you to show up for a profitable long-term relationship with possible clients and customers.

Offer Promos and Discounts

One of the best ways to win clients on Amazon is to offer promos and discounts. By running promos, offering coupon and discount codes, you increase sales volume and product recognition, and as a result, you accumulate valuable feedback. Back in the old days, you could get a 50% discount as a vendor. 

This means that if you sold your product at 100$, you were selling it at half the price of what you thought. The only drawback was that you could be matching out with your commissions as a marketplace seller.

Get Reviews and Even More Reviews

The Amazon marketplace is a challenging place to compete for new clients and stand out from the crowd. It takes some work to make your products stand out. One of the best ways to give yourself an edge over your competitors is to have more reviews than they do. 

Product reviews are very important on Amazon, and several studies estimate that a 5-star product rating can increase sales by as much as 18%. More reviews mean more conversions and more sales.

Address Customers’ Queries Faster

When deciding between a buyer and a not-buying decision, time is almost always one of the deciding factors. If you can solve a customer’s problem in a few minutes faster than someone else, you will leave a good impression and they’re more likely to do business with you. Amazon sellers know this and exploit it to their advantage.

Sync Your Inventory

One of the biggest tools for boosting sales to Amazon is through your Seller Central account’s Inventory Sync feature. With it, you can catalog products from your existing inventory into the Amazon product database. The benefit is that you don’t have to re-manufacture anything and you can instantly start selling the items on one of the leading marketplaces.

Maximize Your Advertising Avenues

If you have a business-related to commerce, Amazon is arguably one of the best places for your business to be. You can sell your products (and services) across all categories including clothing, electronics, sports equipment, toys, health, and beauty – practically anything under the sun. A major benefit for those who opt to sell their products through Amazon’s advertising avenue is that it will be one of your most targeted advertising avenues.

Follow Amazon’s Rules and Terms of Service

For every marketer and every seller on Amazon, there are two things that you should never forget about: the rules and terms of service of and its subsidiaries. These are very important to know because they have been prepared to minimize the risk for everyone who is selling or using Amazon services.

Winning clients is a difficult process, especially when competitors attempt to match or exceed your prices. Amazon’s weighted pricing scheme makes it impossible to offer the lowest price, but this can be resolved by finding avenues to be more valuable than your competitors. 

Buyers and clients are savvier than ever and will choose to buy from an Amazon vendor if they are sure they have the best product and price. The best way to beat your competitors is to provide extra value for your audience.

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