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How to Work the Latest Interior Trends Into Your Kitchen

Photo by Dương Nhân

If you’ve been scrolling social media or flicking through lifestyle magazines, you’ll have picked up on some of the interior trends that are destined to be big this year. The love for curves and warm, texture-filled spaces is hotting up. But how do you incorporate these trends into your kitchen? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out. There’s often more than one way to work a trend into your interior design and these kitchen ideas will show you how.

Warm and earthy tones

There’s a shift towards making kitchens more homely spaces, so it’s no surprise that warm, earthy tones are trending right now. They can give any room a welcoming and cosy appearance. But what ways can you bring these tones into your kitchen? 

Well, you could keep it simple by painting your walls or cabinets in earthy colours such as butterscotch, burnt orange or taupe. Or you might choose to go for bigger changes such as fitting terracotta floor tiles or a stone worktop. Exposing a brick wall – or faking it with some brick slips – is another good trick for bringing warm, earthy tones into your kitchen. 

Using these materials also adds in texture, which means you can tick off two of the latest kitchen trends in one go. 

Textural surfaces

Textural surfaces are bang on trend and they work really well with warm and earthy tones. But you needn’t make any big changes to bring this trend into your kitchen. 

If you want to stick to a small DIY project, you could lay a row or two of texture-filled tiles above your worktop. Vintage and Moroccan styles with uneven or crackle-glazed surfaces would work well. As would some fluted tiles laid horizontally or vertically. 

But there are even easier ways to incorporate this trend into your kitchen. You might add some self-adhesive, reeded film to your glazed cabinets or doors; install knurled handles on your cupboard doors; or fit scalloped shades to your light fittings. You could also bring texture in through accessories such as stoneware pots and woven storage baskets.

Natural wood

Wood is another material that adds warmth and texture. And natural wood tones are also very much on the interior design radar this year, especially in the kitchen. 

There are plenty of ways to bring this trend into your own kitchen. Adding wooden slats is one very effective method. Slats work well in modern kitchens and can be used to create a feature wall, to add interest to an island or to decorate the side of your cabinets. 

For traditional and country style kitchens you might think about using reclaimed wood in your open shelves or going for an oak or zebrano worktop for a bit of natural character. Alternatively, you might choose to lay floorboards or expose your beams to bring more natural wood into your kitchen.  

But don’t worry if your budget is tight as a small display of wooden chopping boards or a hand-carved fruit bowl as your island centrepiece could work just as well. 

Whimsical vintage

If you’re a fan of period charm but like your interiors to have some personality, then the current whimsical vintage trend is going to be right up your street. This nostalgic and quirky interior trend works incredibly well for turning an off-the-shelf kitchen into something special.

It’s largely about mixing old and new, bringing vintage styling together with a big splash of colour and imagination. You don’t need a big budget to pull off this trend either. 

Think about using some pre-loved pieces such as a farmhouse dining table and bistro chairs or some vintage candlesticks and antique oil paintings to create a homely and nostalgic feel in your kitchen. Then add in whimsical elements with playful items such as quicky artwork or retro signage, some fun patterned tiles or a bright rug. 

Lots of curves

Finally, there’s one other trend that interior designers are very much focusing on this year – bringing curves into the kitchen. This trend is designed to create a much more friendly and free-flowing feel to your kitchen. 

To incorporate this trend into your space, you could go big with rounded edges on islands, cabinets and worktops as well as arches on doorways and alcoves. 

But you don’t need to carry out any major redesign work to incorporate curves in more subtle ways. You could go for a curvy or dynamic light fitting, display some over-sized, sculptural vases or simply add some bar stools with rounded backs to your breakfast bar.

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