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How Travel and Adventure Makes Us Better Writers

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Writers’ block is a significant hindrance to any form of writing but mostly affects creative writers. When trying to meet writing deadlines, writers overwork their creative brain, which leads to poor results. By hitting the road for that new adventure or road trip, a writer’s mind clears, and they can coin a winner. Since writing comes with flexibility, why not hit the road and seek some inspiration for an incoming project?

Below are several reasons you should throw your favorite flip flops and outfits into a suitcase and don’t look back for at least a week.

New people bring character ideas

Writers create content from things they have experienced. Each time you travel and meet new people, they are virtually auditioning for a part in your story. Each stranger you come across at a restaurant, on the plane, or train has different character sets, personalities, and backgrounds, which will improve the depth of your work and enhance the character development therein.

New places bring new settings.

When writing about a city, there is so much to borrow from memories of a previous road trip. When taking that road trip, ensure to pay attention to detail, noticing restaurants and streets, which will one day make a great piece of the backdrop for your story or book.

It is good to relax in between a writing project

Fatigue is not a new term, even to seasoned writers. Taking an adventurous trip gives the mind time to relax and focus on more exciting things as unique sceneries than just the glaring laptop screen. You should take some time off and catch a breath, with the results visible once you resume writing and ideas flow through.

Traveling gives you the time to read

To make a good writer, you need to read a lot of relevant content. Reading is the best inspiration for writing by learning from other writers. Traveling provides a lot of time to have a good read, from sitting in airport lounges, lying on a sandy beach, on a train, or even on an airplane. Never forget to stash some of your favorite books in your traveling bag!

Get inspired by nature

When you travel, you have the perfect chance to bond with nature. Whichever genre you deal in, nature will always have a dose of inspiration for you. Whether you are driving through a forest, a mountain slope with beautiful escarpments, or flying over a beautiful city at night, nature will touch your creative side in ways that modern technology can’t. The fresh air you get when you walk into a campsite gives you a new breath of writing ideas.

Traveling gets you out of the comfort zone

Every writer has their favorite writing spot, maybe that old couch at the corner, or the porch’s rocking chair. Having one writing spot puts you in a comfort zone, reducing your exposure to new ideas and cultures. Traveling pushes you away from your regular life, into unfamiliar experiences and helps you think outside the box. You would be surprised at how inspiring it can be, coining your memoir’s final paragraphs in a forest clearing outside your camping tent.

With the common writing rule being ‘write what you know,’ it is only right to widen our knowledge of different cultures and ways of life. By traveling, we can meet new people, experience new sights, increase our creativity, and make us the ideal writer with a sea of ideas. Try it today.

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