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Improve Your Health: A Full-Day, Positive Routine (Worth Repeating)

Telling someone they need to work on their health isn’t very likely to have a profound influence. You know this because you’ve tried quitting something multiple times, yet gave up and continued on. Their motivation, which boils down to “just do it”, won’t change your mind.

The thing you may have tried to quit was a big one like drinking wine or something basic like eating snacks late at night. You know eliminating these things would improve your health.

Take a step back… start from the beginning.

Making big changes to your lifestyle begins with small changes. It’s about doing something positive, today, that builds and builds. Let’s look at a process you could do to improve your health.

A Positive, Daily Routine for a Better Lifestyle (and Better Health)

Obviously, this routine won’t work for everyone. But, it may inspire you to take a proactive approach to treating your physical and mental well-being. Remember, it’s all about the small changes…

Start with a good night’s rest

Commit to a full, eight hours of sleep for optimal energy for your day. Improve your sleep with a mattress tailored to your sleep style and comfort level; this way you’re receiving deep, restful sleep. Doing so will reduce irritability, too, which may be a trigger for your unhealthy lifestyle.

Eat a filling, healthy meal to start strong

Give yourself time to make a proper breakfast in the morning. Choose healthy, nutrient-rich foods such as eggs, oatmeal, bananas, whole wheat bread, and other, recommended breakfast items. Wash it down with a strong cup of green tea for an added boost of energy to start the day strong.

Plan the day (and include inspiration)

Spend a moment in front of the bathroom mirror to share positive thoughts with yourself. Positive thinking is scientifically proven to increase your happiness. Use this positivity to create an attack plan including your work tasks and personal goals. Divide the goals into manageable chunks to avoid frustration with starting and completing them.

Take on the work day

Go to work with the same feverous ambition as you did the first day. Find ways to accomplish your work tasks but also improve your value (to the job and in life) by learning new skills, networking with influential people, and making a difference (even if it’s in a small way). Be sure to eat a healthy lunch, too.

 Come home and relax (really relax)

Spend the first 15-minutes when returning home to unwind. Take a moment for a breather and clear your head of any troubles. Write in a journal if it helps collect and free your thoughts. This is ‘you time’. Then, think of how you can maximize the remaining time you have in the evening.

 Challenge yourself to exercise

Dedicate a block of time to exercise and work on yourself. An exercise routine will greatly improve your physical health and reduce the long-term dangers of obesity, heart problems, and diabetes. Exercise also releases feel-good endorphins that’ll improve your mood. Plus, it’s a great way to distract yourself from cravings.

Spend some time having fun before winding down

Turn on a great movie or tune into a show, listen to music, or read a thrilling book. Have dinner without the interruption from work and social media updates. Spend time with the family and get to know their day and plans for tomorrow. Work on a fun project or hobby.

We All have Habits to Break

It could be smoking or on/off with dieting, or spending too much time in front of the computer or complaining. We all have negative habits we need to break. Some of us, it’s the addictions that are causing our health problems. These problems are started and reinforced the same way… little by little.

Improved health and mental well-being are made the same way.

You’ll develop a positive routine when taking positive actions throughout the day. Record them or create a checklist of when you accomplish these tasks if it were to help. Before long, they’ll become part of your everyday activities and it’s at that moment — where it’s a non-thing — that you improve your health.

What would your day look like if you stopped the negative actions and routine? How do you think it would affect your physical health and mental well-being? Share your story, below.

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