Guest Post: Alternative Infertility Solutions: Exploring Frozen Donor Eggs

Never lose hope of making your parenting dreams come true, because as long as you have hope there are always doors open – frozen donor eggs are one option.

To say the “donor egg route” to parenthood is an emotional one is an understatement. You may experience many ups and downs before you actually make the choice to move forward with donor eggs. It’s important to remember the decision is all yours to make, and with many assisted reproductive technologies (ART) available now, it’s important to have all the expert information you need to make sound family decisions while considering frozen donor eggs.

How commonly do women use ART to conceive?

Babycenter.com experts report more than seventy percent of women that are older than 45 attempt ART, assisted reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization using donor eggs to try and have a child. This advanced technology makes it truly possible for couples to experience the miracle of having child, who wouldn’t have had the opportunity even 20 years ago.

Where does the donor egg process start?

To start, eggs are collected at the egg bank and frozen for later use. Many of these clinics offer fresh donor eggs, meaning the reproductive cycles of both the donor and recipient are timed and the eggs are used immediately. Timing of medication and having a reliable donor are key factors in the fresh donor egg process. The frozen donor egg process does not require synchronization of cycles, as the eggs are already frozen for your use, making the frozen donor egg pool much larger and the process generally less expensive than the fresh process. When selecting a donor, it is important to compare fresh vs. frozen egg donor treatment so you can make the best decision for your family needs.

How do I select a donor?

This leg of the journey often takes careful thought and patience. You can choose your donor by ethnicity, physical traits, family history, and personal motivations. Donors are usually between the ages of 21 and 35 and are thoroughly screened medically and psychologically. It is very important both you and the donor get counseling on the emotional challenges, along with the ethical and medical aspects of the frozen donor egg process.

Once I receive the eggs, what happens next?

On average, the IVF process for frozen donor eggs takes about six weeks, with about four weeks of estrogen and progesterone therapy before you receive the eggs. After the eggs are chosen, they are thawed and your partner’s or donor sperm fertilizes them to make them viable. In 3-5 days after fertilization, the newly-formed embryos are transferred into your uterus; one to five donor embryos are usually implanted.

Experts report that on average 40 percent of frozen donor embryos are successful. Just like any IVF cycle, this door of opportunity to become a parent can be heartbreaking if the process fails. Every day, researchers are pushing the boundaries to make this process safer, faster, simpler, and ultimately more successful. In any case, it’s important to prepare yourself with adequate counseling and support to explore possible feelings of anxiety, grief, hope, and methods for relief.

It isn’t easy when nature takes it course and you are unable to get pregnant naturally, or when you’ve decided because of work obligations or other personal circumstances that you need to venture down this path to reach your parenting goals. Whether you are infertile because of age-related issues, endometriosis, pituitary issues, or another condition, you do have options.

Take action to educate yourself and get the frozen egg donor process started today if this is the route for you!

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