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An Intro to OASAP High Street Fashion

This year, I’ve really been exploring new ways to express myself be it a new hair or nail color, eye shadow, or new outfit or style I wouldn’t normally wear. I am always on the hunt for new places to shop for affordable apparel and accessories. And shops that specialize in unique fashion gets me all sorts of giddy. Keonté introduced me to a store called OASAP. They specialize in what’s called “high street” fashion which in other countries is the equivalent to “main street” fashion. Their site is full of lovelies and fashion I wouldn’t consider to be “main street”, but then again, I’m not a hardcore fashionista either. I do try though.

And now for a warning… Most of their clothing is one size, which would probably fit up to a size medium, but they do have pieces that are available in different sizes up to size large. Also, keep in mind that many of the models are runway shaped or less than, maybe not by choice, but culture, so don’t come for me mmkay? You have been warned. Anywho, for those not shopping for clothing, OASAP offers a selection of cute shoes, bags, and accessories too.

I had the opportunity to shop OASAP and although it was hard to narrow down my order, I chose the Relaxed Open Shoulder Dress ($28) and the Sweet Contrast Candy Color evening Dress ($28), both of which I thought would be really cute on me.

The relaxed open shoulder dress left me with a challenge. The fabric is bright and thin, which makes it see through and the cutouts in the shoulders don’t seem as long as they should be. I couldn’t wear it as a dress especially with the extra pregnant scrumptiousness I’m carrying around. It just wouldn’t be appropriate. But I managed to make it work by putting a brown tank underneath with some jeans. I’ll just have to keep this experience in mind next time I order.

graduation dress

The sweet contrast candy dress is obviously very popular. In fact, it’s currently sold out. It fits great. It stretches at the belt line. The fabric is thin, probably best for Spring and Summer, but I’m going to wear it during this chilly weather while taking some maternity photos. I LOVE how she wore hers.

I will definitely be shopping OASAP again. There are so many dresses, leggings, and pairs of shoes I want to pick up for the Fall season. It does take a few weeks for orders to arrive, but OASAP’s free worldwide shipping and 30 day return policy makes up for that.

As an OASAP Fashion Hunter, I receive store credits to shop with. You can too (if you have at least 300 followers/fans on one social media platform). Click here to join and make sure you mention “Sophistishe“. I’ll receive store credits if you do :-).

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