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Is Epoxy Coating A Good Choice For The Garage?

Epoxy floor coating is a specially formatted product made of resin and hardener. The two compounds are stored separately. Once they are mixed you will have a limited amount of time to apply them before they set.

The good news is that epoxy flooring is becoming a popular option for homeowners and it is easy to apply onto an existing concrete floor. Of course, the floor needs to be properly prepared, which means cleaning it and ensuring it is dust free before you apply the coating. 

Naturally, there are an array of choices when it comes to quality epoxy floor coatings. You can choose the color, select a pattern, and even control the type of finish. That makes epoxy coating a stylish choice for your garage floor. But, there are several other reasons why this is one of the best options for your garage floor:


Epoxy coating is strong. You can drop tools on it and it won’t crack. This durability means it will last for years and makes it the most cost-effective solution for your garage floor.

This toughness also helps if you drive your car in and out of the garage, although many garage owners don’t actually do this. 


Alongside this, epoxy coating is waterproof. It will help to keep rising damp below the garage floor instead of in the garage. In addition, the flooring is waterproof from above. Spills won’t soak into the floor or stain it, you can simply wipe them up and carry on with what you were doing. There will be no sign of the spill.


Epoxy coating can go over an existing floor and eliminate the flaky appearance. It will fill small cracks, helping to bind the floor below and allow it to last for longer. 

It should be noted that bigger dips are best filled with a little concrete before you put the epoxy flooring down. 


Epoxy coating is natural non-slip because of the components contained within it. This makes it especially good for garages that often have wet footprints and even car tires rolling through them.

The anti-slip feature is a significant safety bonus.

It Looks Great!

As mentioned, you can choose the color and style of your epoxy coating. That means you can make your garage feel more like part of your home and allow it to reflect your personal style. In short, it really does look fantastic and it requires minimal effort to create.


Perhaps the best part of an epoxy coating is the fact that it needs virtually no maintenance. A simple sweep or mop will remove the dirt and debris and leave your flooring looking fantastic. It couldn’t be simpler. 

If you still aren’t convinced regarding how good a choice epoxy coating is, then contact your local dealer and get them to show you the product in situ. That will be enough to convince you to make the best investment you can in your garage floor.

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