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Is It Worth Getting a Second Degree: How to Change Your Career

Sometimes we need changes in our life. We want to learn something new, do something exciting, visit new places that inspire us, and the list goes on. In many cases, one of the ways to change our life is to get a second degree. Of course, it is cool, but let’s talk about it in detail. 

Ask Yourself

To realize if it is worth graduating again or not for you, ask yourself two questions. It’s better to write down your answers because when writing, our brain thinks in another way rather than when we’re texting on Word or Google Docs. 

  1. What Are You Hoping to Achieve?

So, your task is to make a major life transition, and you’ve chosen to get one more degree. So answer these questions: what you’re hoping to achieve? For example, some people want to get a new career via education. Some people just miss university time and want to go back to it. Some mature students want to learn new things. 

As you see, reasons can be different, but you have to be honest with yourself. This is because if you don’t know why you want to enter a university, you won’t achieve any goal. 

  1. What Will You Do After Graduating?

The second question that you should ask yourself is, what will you do after graduating? Imagine this scenario: you hold a diploma in your hands. What are you going to do next? Just work on the career you’ve obtained or continue working on the career you’ve got from the first major?

Consider Quarter-Life Crisis

After answering the above questions, it’s a good idea to think about one thing that can act as a reason for your willingness to study again. It’s a quarter-life crisis. 

People experience such a crisis in their mid-20s to early 30s. They want to go back to school and think that they haven’t found themselves in this world. So if you want to get a second degree at this age, it can be a quarter-life crisis. 

What to Do in This Case?

The best solution in this situation is to proceed to do your job and just live. Don’t think about your willingness and check how it is going without it. What do you think about getting a second degree? Do you miss your university life? 

Suppose the answer is no, congratulations! You’ve found the reason for your willingness. So, in this case, just stop thinking about it. 

Advantages of a Second Degree

Your diploma gets you multiple advantages in life. So let’s explore them.

You’ll Meet New People

It is one of the main advantages that you get when studying at the institution. So you can meet people that will help you in your career or make lifetime friends with them. 

It’s Will be Easier to Study

If you enter university again, it will be easier to study than at the first time there. This is because your brain has developed, and it can perform assignments more quickly than in your 18s or earlier. For example, some students find a paper helper while studying at university because they’re captured with tons of assignments. In your case, things go another way. You won’t find a writing service such as write my paper cheap because your brain can process the information more quickly, and lots of data don’t scare you. 

Shorter Period of Study

As a rule, when people obtain a second degree, their period of study is much shorter. This is because four years of education is too much time for adults with families and sometimes children. 

What to Pay Attention to When You’re Entering the Second Time

It’s better to pay attention to some things if you’re preparing documents for graduating. Let’s consider them. 

Will a Second Major Help You Find a New Job?

If you want to change your career with help of a second degree, think about the following questions:

  1. Will such a career be relevant after a few years?
  2. Can you cope with all assignments in university having children? 

The first time at the institution, you don’t have a lot of responsibilities. But when you start working or have a family, it’s quite another tier of responsibility. Can you think only about your education or should you combine it with caring for children and working on difficult jobs? 

Consider Online Schools

We’re living in an era when it’s possible to become a bachelor sitting at home. So you can consider online schools. They’ll teach you modern professions such as a Big Data analyst, copywriter, programmer, SEO specialist, the list goes on. 

The Bottom Line

As you see, there is no point in getting a second degree if you just ‘want to do it’ because of a lot of responsibilities. Such a procedure should have a rational basis that means that you exactly know why you do it. Follow all tips in this article, and you’ll realize if it is worth getting a second degree or not for you.

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